My kids know I like cereal. It is an easy go-to breakfast for me on weekdays before we start school. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, but I am careful not to overdo it. That is why I like Golden Grahams cereal. They are 36% whole grain and only 8 grams of sugar per serving.

Breakfast in Bed Fathers Day

This iconic cereal disappeared from our grocery store shelves for a time. I remember eating them when I was younger and really loving the crispy texture. I even ate them as an after school snack by the handful sometimes. They are now back and I am happy they are.

Breakfast in Bed Fathers Day

This Father’s Day my girls said they were going to make me breakfast. They asked what I wanted. Two of them are still pretty young, so I didn’t want to overly complicate the meal for them. So I suggested peanut butter and jelly with marshmallows on toast. You can’t really mess that up. The response I got was, “Daaaaad, PB&J, really”?

Breakfast in Bed with my daughters

OK, so I guess that wasn’t challenging or thoughtful enough. So, we looked up some recipes and here is what we came up with. The girls are making a modified version of this unique Betty Crocker recipe for No-Bake Peanut Butter and Jelly Golden Grahams Cookies. It combines my cereal with peanut butter and “jelly” (actually dried fruit). There is no cooking involved, just making a mess in the kitchen and getting hands covered in yummy stuff that naturally has to be licked off.

The recipe calls for dried cranberries. That isn’t something we normally have in the pantry. But raisins can stand in if we don’t have the cranberries. Or, little dollops of real fruit jam could work. If peanut butter is a problem food for anyone in the family, substitute with almond butter in the recipe. The key ingredient is the crunchy Grahams which I wouldn’t swap out.

No-Bake Peanut Butter and Jelly Golden Grahams™ Cookies

I often dream of having a day off on Father’s Day. But, it really is more about the kids than dad. After all, they are the ones celebrating me. So, as often is the ritual, my wife and kids will dote on me by making meals, especially breakfast, and allowing me a little bit of daddy time where I can nap, read a favorite book, or watch a fun family movie. I am off the hook for any chores or errands. It is generally a great day for all of us. And, I get to eat some of my favorite treats, like crunchy cereal all decked out in fruit, nut butter, and marshmallows.