Disclosure: I am sharing Febreze in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but have you heard of its less popular cousin, fall tidying? The holidays are coming up and that equals a lot of family and friends coming over. So the house needs to look and smell nice, and with the new Fresh Fall Pumpkin Febreze candle, you can make your home smell that much more inviting.

Fresh Fall Pumpkin Febreze Candle

What I really like about this scent especially, is that it’s not too sweet smelling. Most of your typical fall or winter candles are all about the sweets. Which, don’t get me wrong they smell nice, but sometimes it’s just too sweet. This Febreze candle will make your home smell like that nice pumpkin patch you’ve been meaning to go to, deleting any bad odors as well, but won’t remind you of the tummy-ache that comes after all those delicious sweets.


Adding to the smell, Febreze always makes their candles look great, which means it can go on that mantle, on the bathroom counter, or anywhere you want to add a great smelling fall decoration. It looks great with the leafy, holiday décor and adds that great smell as well.

Invite Fall into the Home with a Fresh Fall Pumpkin Febreze Candle

In our house we love doing crafts, and lighting our candle just adds to the fall crafting fun. Another upside to this gracious smell, is that it always gets me in the mood for that fall tidying that needs to be done. With the kids back in school and all of those fall activities, the house can sometimes look like those fall winds have come in and blown everything, everywhere.

Fresh Fall Pumpkin Febreze Candle

With all the people coming over I like my house to look and feel like home. So I light my Febreze pumpkin candle, put on some good music and get to work. It can turn a boring chore into a fun and homing activity, and will make yours the home that everyone loves.