The sight of an impressive set of driveway gates always makes a positive impact when you arrive at the entrance of a property. It is something that also adds a fair amount of curb appeal too.

, Driveway Gates and the Role of Different Types of Metal Materials, Days of a Domestic Dad

The idea of fitting metal gates to your property’s driveway is always a win-win as it adds value as well as aesthetic appeal. The only question is what type of gate should you choose?

Here is a guide to the different options available.

Choose your metal

A good starting point when choosing your driveway gates is to decide which metal finish you would prefer to have.


If you are looking for something that offers a good level of strength and security you might want to consider steel. It is an alloy of carbon and iron, making steel incredibly strong and resistant to impact. It is undoubtedly the most heavy-duty option you can consider when choosing your metal gate finish.


Aluminum provides a modern feel to the look of your gates. It is a lightweight and malleable material which means you can often have plenty of design options when working with aluminum. Another positive is that it is rust-proof, although it doesn’t have the same strength as steel.

Cast iron

This is a strong metal and has some heavy-duty qualities, but not as much as wrought iron. What you get with this option is a nice, smooth finish that is very attractive.

Wrought iron

This metal has maintained an enduring level of popularity when it comes to driveway gates. It has a finish and appearance that provides a timeless and often rustic appeal. It is also a metal that is highly malleable, making it a good candidate for creating intricate designs and instant character to your gates.

Key considerations

There are a number of aspects of each metal gate option that you should think about before making your final choice.

Strength and durability are obviously important. You want your gate to provide a good level of security as well as look good. You also want it to last for as long as possible. Steel is the strongest option, and although aluminum is the least robust metal it is still more than strong enough for most gate designs and requirements.

Maintenance is another consideration. Aluminum is naturally rust-resistant, but all metal gates are powder coated so every metal is very low maintenance.

If you are thinking about making your driveway gates so that they can be opened electronically you might want to think about the weight of them. Lightweight aluminum is a sensible option for ease of operation. However, a good gate operating system can usually cope with whatever type of metal you use.

At the end of the day, your choice of metal gate is a personal decision. All four metals have their qualities and your gate provider can often help you to make your mind up once you have decided on the style and design that you would prefer.

, Driveway Gates and the Role of Different Types of Metal Materials, Days of a Domestic Dad