Thanks to Red Bull, Staci and I were given the opportunity to attend the recent Red Bull Air Race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was quite a thrill. For quick background, the race was first introduced by Red Bull in 2003. It is an international series of air races that take place on land or over water in cities around the world. The pilot competitors have to navigate a challenging obstacle course in record time. They are tasked with racing against the clock while navigating a twisting, turning slalom course consisting of pylons that define Air Gates.

Red Bull Air Race, Red Bull Air Race at Indianapolis Speedway, Days of a Domestic Dad

Red Bull Air Race

This sport is an incredibly athletic event. The pilots have just seconds to react to the turns at the gates at intense speeds. The G-forces inside the cockpits make this even more difficult. These pilots are highly trained in both flight and safety. Their bodies are acclimated to the challenging conditions.

Staci Red Bull G Flight

All the planes are fitted with a 7-point safety system that includes a 5-point seat belt and a ratchet system engineered for quick release in the case of an emergency bailout. Pilots wear special protective helmets, G-Race suits, flying gloves, and parachutes. Staci had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a G-Flight with a Red Bull Air Race Challenger Class Pilot, Luke Czepiela, from Poland. Check out her video below!

Air Race Pylons

The pylons are inflatable structures designed to take a hit without causing damage to the aircrafts or injury to the pilots. These cone shaped pylons stand 25m high. They are designed to create a perfect rectangular flight window between the Air Gates.

Red Bull Air Race, Red Bull Air Race at Indianapolis Speedway, Days of a Domestic Dad

To us, the race appears to be a feat of aerial acrobatics with amazing swiftness. To those of us who are just observers it does look a bit dangerous. Yet, it is exhilarating and gets your adrenaline pumping. It was a great event to have been able to attend, and one that the kids would really enjoy that as well. Luckily, the final race is coming to Texas next month – and you better believe we’ll be there with the kiddos!

Red Bull Air Race, Red Bull Air Race at Indianapolis Speedway, Days of a Domestic Dad

DFW World Championship Red Bull Air Race, November 17-18

The final Red Bull Air Race of the 2018 season will take place at the Texas Motor Speedway for the third time. It’s happening on November 17th and 18th, 2018. The speedway, located in Fort Worth, is one of the largest sports stadiums in the United States. The 1.5-mile oval raceway has entertained NASCAR fans since 1997. The venue can accommodate up to 190,000 visitors at any one event.

We’re all counting down the days in my house! I encourage you all to take advantage of this unique, family-friendly experience coming to the DFW area.

2018 Red Bull Air Race Prize Winners

To find out more about the race and to get advanced tickets for this unique battle for the World Championship podium, please visit the website here. And don’t forget to use code SHIPWASH for 20% off, valid for single-day Grandstand tickets.