Meat Candy

I am thrilled! My little princess has not found her prince charming, nor has she kissed a frog to find true love. (Both of which I am very glad to hear). Nope, she has a new found love. A love for bacon. Yes, the meat candy of the world and everything it incorporates. Seems that she has become somewhat of an expert over the past few months. In fact, she can smell it cooking like a hound dog on a hot trail. I asked her the other day how she likes her bacon: crispy, burnt, soft, or chewy. She replied that she didn’t care just as long it tasted good. Seriously, she didn’t care. She just wants the meat candy.


After talking for a while and sharing our mutual love for this great meat  (a proud dad moment), I asked my princess if she liked any other pork products. The answer to which she adamantly replied, “No.” I have highs hopes for when she gets older though. I explained that swine could be a developed taste over time, but she looked at me with a confused look and asked, “What?”

Oh, for the love of bacon!

And then… just like that… she was gone from my presence. Her Barbie and Polly Pocket dolls were once again calling her name.

meat candy

Fun Bacon Facts

During our little talk though, Princess and I stumbled upon some fun bacon facts to share:

  • September 3rd is International Bacon Day
  • The formula for Bacon Cologne was created in 1920 by a butcher
  • Bacon is one of the oldest processed meats in history
  • Pregnant women should eat bacon because it is packed with Choline which helps with fetal brain development.
  • Bacon is also packed with protein


What is your favorite bacon recipe? I am always looking for new ones!