Disclosure: This is a sponsored campaign between Amazon Prime and Mom It Forward Influencer Network. All ideas and opinions about this Amazon Echo #Boxtume are my own.

Yes!!! Halloween is upon us and I am loving it. The fall weather, spooky houses, candy apples, and fun costumes. Our family loves to dress up for that one night. This dad decided to get a little crafty this Halloween season. After thinking what I wanted to be or make I came to the conclusion I wanted to try something different. I also wanted to be resourceful too. I have a ton of old Amazon Smile boxes in the garage. Why not make something out of them. Why not an Amazon Echo! Good Idea? I thought so. Check out how I did and try to make one for yourself.

Amazon Echo costume

What You Need:

  • 3 or 4 large Amazon Smile Boxes
  • Flippers Knifes
  • Flat Black Paint
  • Glue Gun
  • Tape
  • Blue lights
Amazon Echo costume

How To Make an Amazon Echo Costume:

If you can make a perfect cylinder for your Amazon Echo then you will be golden through the whole project. I took 3 large Amazon Smile boxes and taped them in a rectangular form. Roughly four feet high and 6 feet long. I took my knife and scored the back half of my costume, from top to bottom, about ever 2 inches. This allowed the cardboard to give a little, and roll into a circle.

Amazon Echo costume

Once that was done, I chose to bend the cardboard into its cylinder form and hot glue it into place. Be sure to measure, or test out, the size of your Echo prior to hot glue. After that, I wanted to place an Amazon Smile box on the top. If you place the flat box on the ground, then place the Echo costume on top, you can trace the circle needed for the top of the unit.

Amazon Echo costume

After tracing and cutting out my circle top, I simply hot glued it on. Next was paint. The original Amazon Echo was black, and well I’m a little bit old school, so I went with the black model. It took me approximately 3 cans of flat black paint to cover my entire cardboard Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo costume

I thought about making my Echo a couple different ways, but my teens thought the headless (no hole for your head to poke through) version would be fun. So, we skipped the hole for the head and cut a small rectangle for my eyes. I will say, I feel I cut the armholes a little too big. Maybe I don’t have as big of muscles as I thought.

Amazon Echo costume lights

To bring the whole thing to life, I invested in some battery-operated rope lights, blue. You can also use a couple glow stick necklaces as an option too. I hot glued my blue light rope around the top perimeter of my Amazon Echo costume.

Amazon Echo costume

Overall, I am pleased with my Amazon Echo costume! I think when the sun goes down and the ghost and goblins hit the street, I can either play a sweet playlist or answer random questions.