Get ready for this weeks episode of Kid President. He is up to no good, awe naw, Kid Prez is always up to GOOD! The week Kid President wants to show people how to make EVERY day a holiday, so he enlists the help of actor and comedian, Craig Robinson, to go “cat caroling.”

Kid President

Check out a short clip from this weeks episode.

What do you think makes a successful leader? 

Later, Kid President interviews Oscar-winning actor, Jaime Foxx, about family, traditions and what makes a successful leader.

Kid President

Join Kid President this summer in an all-new Hub Network series that will make the world more awesome! You may know Kid President from his super fun YouTube® series, where his playful spirit and positive approach to life have inspired millions of viewers to change the world. In every episode, Kid President will explore different themes, hang out with families from across America & chat with his celebrity friends. Get ready to dance, people!