A stay-at-home parent is someone who stays home and manages the household while looking after their children. They may have multiple children to look after, and their ages can range from teenagers in high school to newborns.

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Self-Development Projects

These stay-at-home parents could be babysitters, accountants, laundry attendants, housekeepers, chefs, teachers, playmates, and even nurses; all rolled into one package.

That said, the stereotype of a stay-at-home parent sitting at home watching her favorite drama on Netflix while chomping on bonbons is a distant reality these days. More and more homemakers are going out of their to do things they like, especially when their kids leave for school.

So, if you’re a stay-at-home parent yourself, your current phase of life can be a time of new possibilities and growth. It is time to rediscover everything you set aside after having kids. Therefore, to get you started, listed below are a few Self-Development Projects they can do when their children arent home.

Improve Your Culinary Skills

How many times have your kids complained about not liking your cooking? So many times, we believe. Kids are difficult to work with when food’s involved. Someday they might want to eat cereal. Other days they don’t want to eat anything at all.

That said, when your kids aren’t home, you can take advantage of this spare time and improve your culinary skills. Sure, you might not be the next chef, Boyardee. However, you can learn a few recipes that your kids will love.

Continue Your Education

It is always great to see moms going back to school and fulfilling their academic dreams of further education. Whether you’re finishing your degree, taking some online classes, or pursuing a brand new profession, make good use of the time you have when your kids leave home.

For example, you can enroll in culinary school, get that business degree you always wanted, or take up part-time online classes to improve your organization skills.

Plan a Trip

When your kids aren’t home and you have some free time on your hand, you can always plan trips to locations you’ve dreamt about visiting. Even if you don’t go for one, planning and looking forward to a future trip is almost as exciting as the trip itself. So, take out your daily planner or schedule, mark the date, and start planning today!

Do Some Exercise

When your kids aren’t home, it is the perfect time to exercise as they won’t be there to bother you and ruin your workout sessions constantly. Therefore, go for a walk or a hike, join the local gym, or lift weights. Then, after dropping your kids off at school, begin your day with a few minutes of yoga to retain your body’s balance and flexibility. Of course, if you’re up for it and you have the time, you can also go for long walks.


There is no better way to use your free time than reaching out and helping those in need. For example, do you have a neighbor who is experiencing a tough time and needs emotional support? Do you know of an older person who needs help in carrying grocery bags?

A teacher who would love an extra pair of hands to grade papers? Find out how you can help the neighborhood and play your part. Not to mention, you can always visit your local pet shelter and volunteer, and give something back to the community.

Relax and Give Time to Yourself

Now is the time to catch up to your favorite Netflix drama or take a long bath without your children banging on the bathroom door! Self-care is of the utmost importance if you want to do household chores efficiently.

If you arent well, there is no point in doing anything at all. So, whether it is an extensive self-care routine to cleanse your skin or a movie that makes you feel good on the inside, do it when your kids aren’t home.

Declutter Your Home

Every homeowner’s dream is to have a neat, clean, and free of unnecessary clutter. But, if you have too much stuff lying around in random places, take the time to declutter your home while your kids aren’t home.

A clutter-free home will allow you to think correctly, breathe freely, and feel positive. If you don’t know how to declutter your home, the internet is full of tips and guides you can utilize. Do it today!

Turn Your Hobby Into a Part-Time Business

Whether you love decorating, have a passion for cooking, or enjoy wildlife photography, being an empty nester will give you time to turn your hobby into a part-time business. That said, if you cannot operate your business from home, you can always start a small business blog and use it to sell your products and services, whatever they may be.

After all, everybody loves the idea of sitting home and making money. So why not do it yourself, right?

Conclusion – Self-Development Projects

We hope the Self-Development Projects mentioned above will open up your heart and mind to the various possibilities available to you when your kids aren’t home. If you keep yourself open to ideas, being a stay-at-home parent is a perfect opportunity to live the life that resonates with you or start a new one.