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The 21st-century workforce is undeniably the most diverse in history. Jobs exist today that weren’t even thought of 50 years ago. However, some aspects of the work are timeless. Hard work almost always contributes to a successful career, and the people most passionate about their jobs are the most likely to work hard to achieve their goals.

Jenny, an Illinois zookeeper, whose early training was in the culinary arts.

Is Being a Zookeeper Hard Work?

The website 1in100million.com is dedicated to celebrating today’s workforce by highlighting some important jobs that are often overlooked. Presented by Kronos, a leading company in workforce management, the series of videos featured on the site tell personal stories of individuals who represent the finest in commitment, character and passion displayed in today’s workers.

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Episode 14, the most recent of the series, features Jenny, an Illinois zookeeper, whose early training was in the culinary arts.

Uninspired by cooking, however, Jenny decided to follow her college counselor’s advice. Then pursue a career in an area about which she was truly passionate–animals. After serving as an intern at a zoo, Jenny realized zookeeping would be her profession.

Through a partnership program with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, Jenny earned her master’s degree in zoo administration. Because of the stiff competition, it’s often difficult to find work in the field. However, her fellow employees at Cosley Zoo admit Jenny is the ideal person for the job.

They point out that her passion and dedication to her work show that zookeeping is not just a job but a way of life for her.

Through the years, Jenny’s devotion to her work has strengthened. Unlike many people who go to work every day, Jenny is actually excited about and looks forward to each new day. She not only cares for the animals, she cares about them.


How to Work at a Zoo

Because she’s working with living creatures, her day on the job is not complete until every task is finished. Each day is a ritual that consists of feeding, training and enrichment that’s repeated throughout the day. No day is boring, as her job is a continuous learning experience. Jenny is eager to share what she’s learned with visitors to the zoo, especially youngsters, who are always inquisitive and asking questions.

Even in social settings, Jenny is often the unintentional center of attention when people find out she’s a zookeeper and are interested in learning about her job. She then has the opportunity to address their curiosity by explaining the serious science behind her job, including conservation and recovery efforts.

Jenny the zookeeper is just one of the success stories of hard-working people featured in the 1in100million.com videos. Who’ve found careers that give them the satisfaction of accomplishment and meaning to their work.