From time to time it’s fair to say that we all can get a little bit bored of our homes, and may crave some change.

how to 3.	Replace Your Flooring

While some may want to move house, there are many ways to rejuvenate your home without having to pack up and go elsewhere.

Here are our five top tips for giving your abode a facelift so you can fall in love with it all over again.

Jazz Up Your Rooms with New Wallpaper

Although wallpaper has fallen somewhat out of fashion in the last few years, there are many designs that are beautifully crafted to help your room become a masterpiece, no matter where it is in the house.

Wallpaper is ideal for kids’ rooms especially, as you can incorporate their favourite designs easily, and give the room a funky or fun edge.

Websites like I Love Wallpaper combine luxury wallpaper designs with an easy to order system and fast delivery to unite you with your dream wallpaper in no time.

Add a Mirror Wall

If you need to make a smaller room look bigger, then look no further than implementing a mirror wall to open up the space. This works well in rooms with access to natural light, as mirrors can help to refract light across the room evenly, and make rooms appear brighter as well as bigger.

Companies like Halifax Glass are renowned for their manufacturing of quality glass and mirrors for homes and businesses. They can help you design and create a mirror wall bespoke to your home, without any hassle.

Replace Your Flooring

Flooring makes up an essential part of your home, and holds just as much character as your walls. Your choice of flooring could give your rooms a completely fresh look, and may help your life circumstances.

For example, if you live in a house with a dog, foregoing carpeted areas in porches may help you to deal with the aftermath of a muddy walk. Companies like The Wood Floor Company can help you find the right flooring to suit your home with minimal fuss.

Make Your House Open Plan

Open plan living has become all the rage since the 1970s, and can transform your house just by removing a few walls.

However, it’s important to ensure that the walls you’re choosing to remove are not weight-bearing, or if they are, you’ll need specialist guidance from a builder.

Making your home more open plan will also allow for better heat transfer, which is beneficial if you have an open fire or log burner, as this will heat your house more evenly and reduce your energy bills!

Get a Log Burner

In the era of high energy bills, log burners have become increasingly popular, and can help you add a cosy touch to your house.

Although it will lie untouched in the summer months, a roaring fire will help you create a wonderful atmosphere in the winter, especially for guests.

Do you have any tips for giving your home a facelift? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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