Kids Bored, Kids Bored? Try a Life Hack to Boredom, Days of a Domestic Dad

Do your children constantly complain that they’re bored? Are you wondering what you can do about it? The answer: plenty! Sometimes all it takes is a good idea and a little nudge from Mom or Dad to get kids started on a project that holds their attention for hours.

Kids Bored?

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#1: Fix Stuff
When toys break, try to fix them. When things become too old to use, take them apart and see how they work. Be careful when dealing with electronic devices. And keep any parts that may be used for something else.

Younger kids may need a little more help fixing things than older ones, which is fine. Get them involved in the process. Ask questions about why they think something is broken, and try to come up with answers together.

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#2: Check Out Music Online
Many kids retreat to their rooms in order to go online. While they’re there, why not encourage them to explore and develop their own taste in music? Ask your kids questions about the kinds of songs and bands they like and share with them some of your favorites.

#3: Disguise Yourselves
Celebrities and famous food critics who don’t want people to recognize them when dining often disguise themselves. So give it a try! The more disguised family members, the more fun you will have.

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#4: Make Your Own Games
At least once in your life, you should design a game—whether it’s a video game, a board game or a game you play outside. Making your own game will challenge both halves of your brain and use every skill you possess.

#5: Create Home-Alone Recipes
One of every three school-age kids in the U.S. is home alone before or after school. Being alone can make kids more responsible, and help them discover things they can do for themselves, like cooking simple meals.

These are just a few I found online.

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