When achieving a grand millennial style, think beyond traditional colors and patterns. Use fabric, color, and pattern in a unique way to add character to your rooms. You can also include antique lighting for a unique touch.

Beautiful red door in a white house facade in notting hill

This is a style trend that is sure to be a hit!


The grand millennial style is one of the newest styles of home decoration. This era, characterized by classic, romantic, and bold design, uses classic motifs and accessories in unique and updated ways. The style also incorporates sleek, streamlined furniture and preppy classics. The furniture is often very streamlined, with classic motifs infused with whimsical playfulness. Grandmillennials are known for their distinctive taste and style, which means decorating your home in grand millennial style will take time and patience. It may require you to create a collection of vintage pieces and items and scour thrift stores for unique, vintage pieces.

Fabrics for grand millennial-style homes emphasize using different fabrics and textures. Many pieces will feature ruffles, fringe, and frilly edges. You can use these elements in your decor, but you should avoid overpowering the room with heavy fabrics. 


Consider a grand millennial-style scheme if you want your home to look more modern and millennial. This design scheme is characterized by its clean, modern lines and a lack of traditional accessories and furnishings. Instead of fussy ornaments, you can use textiles to fill the space. These objects can add pops of color and pattern without overcrowding the room.

A home decorated with grand millennial style will be timeless and feature a combination of bold colors and bold fabrics. The goal is to avoid clutter and an overly cluttered look. 


Consider displaying family heirlooms if you want to achieve a grand millennial style in your home. They make excellent substitutes for ornaments and pretty collections. Themes such as natural color tones and texture can make your home feel warm and cozy. You can also embrace the trend by incorporating more traditional pieces and accessories. The key to creating a grand millennial look is to create a balance between old and new while keeping the theme cohesive. Grandmillennial style is not just a trend; it’s a conscious attempt to make your home more timeless and meaningful. It emphasizes thoughtful accessorizing, avoiding an overly cluttered look.

Antique lighting

The Grand millennial style incorporates historical references throughout the home, such as wingback chairs, a grandfather clock, and chinoiserie artwork. This eclectic design is bold, sophisticated, and fun. You can achieve this look in many ways, including vintage lighting and fixtures. These touches can make even the blandest space dramatic combined with other elements.

When incorporating vintage items into your home, think about the color palette. Think of the colors your grandmother used to wear but with a 21st-century twist. For example, you might choose a monochromatic color scheme or bold, contrasting hues. You can also try using pillows, throws, and rugs to incorporate past styles into your home.

Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is a popular design trend that combines traditional styles with a modern edge. It is a classic look that can be used on any room in your home, and its versatility allows you to personalize it to your taste. For example, you can use pink peonies against a black background to create a bold and modern look.

Floral wallpaper is also a great way to incorporate different textures into a room. It can bring depth to the space and make it feel more spacious if used correctly. When using floral wallpaper, consider purchasing quality fake flowers and carefully drying them. 

Vintage accents

Adding vintage accents to your decor can give it a grand millennial vibe. These accents bring a touch of luxury to any piece while adding character and uniqueness to your home. Grandmillennial decor combines vintage accents with a modern sensibility to create a cozy, stylish space. Some ways to incorporate grand millennial accents in your home decor include thrifting for vintage porcelain dishes, finding eclectic vases, and adding needlepoint pillows.