Disclosure: I received the following product for the sole purpose of this review. regardless, all opinions and experiences are my own.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could be the best android phone on the market to date. With a huge 5.7” Quad HD Super AMOLED® screen, the ever popular S Pen, and a supurb camera quality the Note 4 is the phone to have. That being said, many of these perks make the Note 4 a battery hungry beast and the 3,220 mAh battery capacity, though it is above average by smartphone standards, it can only last so long. Check out these Easy Battery Tips for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to help you get the most out of your battery life.

Tips for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Pick a Mode

  • Power saving mode: Activate power-saving mode and change the settings for power saving mode.
  • Ultra power saving mode: Extend standby time and reduce battery consumption by displaying a simpler layout and allowing limited access to an app.

Take a Timeout

Screen timeout is the amount of time before your Galaxy Note 4 shuts the display down once you stop doing anything with it. Naturally, the last thing you want if you’re reading emails is the screen turning off before you get to the bottom of the page, but the shorter the screen timeout you can live with the better.

Bright Light, Bright Light

For this, swipe down the notification shade and untick the Auto box, then reduce the screen brightness to as low as you want. It’s one easy tip to extend your Galaxy Note 4 battery life. Note: disabling auto-brightness also disables the Note 4’s sunlight reading mode.


The biggest battery suck of them all is the screen and sometimes reducing the brightness won’t be enough. Getting a dark wallpaper or background will actually do wonders.

Your Note 4 is Listening

Turn off  the “Ok Google” detection. This is another huge battery muncher if it is turned on. When using this feature, it is as if your phone never goes to sleep.