Colorado is an RVers paradise. With its endless beauty, there are plenty of places to visit to get away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday work life. From its river canyons to the Rocky Mountains, Colorful Colorado has a landscape to suit your fancy, and all you need to do is get your motorhome gassed up and hit the road.

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Unfortunately, Colorado has some road hazards that can be unkind to your rig.

If your motorhome hit some bad roads and the cost of repairs far outweighs your rig’s value, sell your junk RV in Colorado to a specialized dealer. They’ll take it off your hands regardless of its condition.

5 Common Colorado Road Hazards To Be Prepared For

Whether you’re a native Coloradian or a giddy tourist, the state is a haven for motorhome enthusiasts. Although a majority of its roads are easily driveable, be prepared for the occasional road hazard. Experienced RVers may have the know-how to avoid them or navigate around them safely, but newbies to the lifestyle should gain valuable knowledge beforehand on what to expect from some Colorado roads that may not exactly be motorhome-friendly.


Many of Colorado’s roads and byways are littered with potholes. This all too common enemy of all types of vehicles can cause both damage and accidents when hit, and motorhomes are especially susceptible to a pothole’s wrath. They can cause structural damage to a motorhome’s frame and suspension or can easily cause a blowout which can lead to an accident with another vehicle or an unforgiving tree or other unmoveable object.

Ice and Snow

Motorhome adventurers heading out for some Wintertime fun should heed extra caution when driving on snowy Colorado roads. Inexperienced motorhome drivers may want to sit this season out since snow covered roads can be difficult to navigate even for SUVs. The extra weight that motorhomes and fifth wheels have can make stopping on snowy roads difficult and dangerous. Many roads can have a sheet of ice hidden under even just a light dusting of snow, making them difficult to travel on.

Mountain Passes

To reach Colorado’s higher elevations that sport the most spectacular views, chances are you’ll need to trek up some treacherous roads. Many are not only narrow but are also somewhat steep, and even at extremely slow speeds can provide for a white-knuckle driving experience. Sharp turns with limited visibility are common and many don’t have guardrails that can test even the most experienced motorhome driver’s nerves.

Unpaved Roads

Once you’re even just a little off the beaten path, many of Colorado’s roads are unpaved. A motorhome’s suspension can take a beating on these sometimes bumpy byways, and without an adequate amount of tread on its tires, traction can be an issue. To add insult to injury, some roads that lead to scenic locations in higher elevations can be void of blacktop, making ascending and descending them a bit trickier.

Wildlife and Cattle

A big part of what makes Colorado an exciting and beautiful place to explore with your motorhome is its abundance of wildlife. With its many cattle ranches, it’s not uncommon to round a bend and encounter a herd of these massive animals grazing alongside the road or perhaps even lounging directly in the middle of it. Colorado has open range laws, meaning cattle can graze anywhere on public property.

What To Do If Colorado Road Hazards Have Damaged Your Motorhome

Accidents happen, and unfortunately Colorado’s sometimes unkind roads can cause costly damage to a motorhome. Older rigs are especially susceptible to damage from potholes and no rig is safe from the possibility of sliding uncontrollably on ice or snow. Unfortunately, road hazards can put a sizeable hole in your wallet and repairs can easily be beyond your rig’s worth.

If it’s not financially sound or possible to pay for the repairs, this doesn’t mean your motorhome is void of value. You can sell your wreck to a specialized RV deal that purchases all kinds of motorhomes regardless of their condition. Most offer free pick up and will pay you more than you probably expected.

Colorado Road Hazards and the Fate of Your Motorhome

Despite Colorado’s sometimes challenging roads, they shouldn’t be a deterrent for going on many motorhome adventures. However, savvy RVers know the risks and with time and experience, they’ve been able to navigate Colorado’s highways, byways, and unpaved roads that lead to spectacular places.

However, if you’ve become of the unfortunate few whose motorhome didn’t win the battle of the road, you can sell your junk RV to a specialized dealer that purchases all types of rigs regardless of costly repairs or its appearance. Turn your trash into treasure and trade in your damaged motorhome for cash.

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