Do you have a neighbor whose collection of junk cars has the neighborhood looking more like a junkyard than a residential area? Are YOU the neighbor who has everyone in an uproar over your assortment of less-than-pretty-looking vehicles?

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Everyone wants to live in peace and have their block looking as nice as possible. However, what do you do when a property becomes an eyesore of neglected relics?

Owners of dilapidated vehicles can get cash for junk cars in San Bernardino. If they’re taking up space and upsetting the neighbors, a great way to mend fences is to remove the clunkers and put some fast cash in your pocket.

Junk Cars on Private Property in California

Owning several vehicles, junk or not, and parking them on private property isn’t against California law. No rule on the books claims an individual is limited to owning a certain amount of vehicles. However, the state does have codes that pertain to blight and how it affects a neighborhood. Blight is described as any unreasonable use of a property that can be viewed by the public as visually offensive and detracts from the neighborhood’s aesthetic.

San Bernardino County has strict blight codes that are specific to vehicles, especially those that may be considered junk. Any type of vehicle scrapping, including dismantling, can only be performed in an area zoned as industrial, and the property owner must have a special permit. Other vehicle ordinances on private property include:

  • Vehicles that are parked in front of a residence must be operable. Those without wheels or engines can and will be towed away by the City.
  • Vehicles parked in driveways must be running and legally registered.
  • Vehicles must be parked on a paved surface. Parking on sand or lawns is prohibited.
  • Vehicles cannot block public sidewalks.
  • Commercial trucks and trailers cannot be parked in front of a residence unless they are loading or unloading. Long-term parking is restricted.

How To Handle a Neighborhood Dispute over Junk Cars

No one wants to be that neighbor that everyone dislikes. Being the owner of several junk cars on your property or being the neighbor who tattles on others can both be uncomfortable places to be. As we say, “Good fences make good neighbors,” but what do you do when that fence doesn’t solve the problem of an unsightly property?

File a Complaint

If you’re certain the neighbor is violating California blight codes, you can file a complaint with the City. They’ll send an inspector to the property and speak with the owner, hopefully doing some good and taking care of the issue. Although filing a complaint may feel like tattling, it may be the only way to resolve the issue in some cases. Sometimes it’s more convenient (and perhaps safer) to remain anonymous when filing a blight complaint against your neighbor.

Face-To-Face Discussion

Many Californians follow the “Don’t Snitch” code. However, speaking face-to-face with the offending neighbor isn’t the only way. You can mail them an anonymous letter expressing your thoughts on their collection of junk vehicles and how it detracts from the neighborhood. If you feel they’re approachable, sometimes you’ll get positive results with a friendly face-to-face discussion.

It’s important to ask them about the situation in a respectful way and avoid any type of threats. You may not know what battles they’re facing, and perhaps they have health issues prohibiting them from maintaining the property. If this is the case, you can offer to help them remove the junk cars by recommending a specialized dealer who purchases all types of older vehicles despite their condition.

Contact a Specialized Junk Car Dealer

If you are the offending neighbor and have somehow acquired more vehicles than you wanted, there is a fast and easy way to unload them. Specialized junk car dealers will offer you more than you expect for old, broken-down junkers and are incredibly easy to do business with. Many will come to you and offer a free towing service to remove these unwanted and unusable cars. This is the easiest way to end city code violations, mend fences with your neighbors, and make some fast cash.

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