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We love traveling as a family. Not only do we have fun, we also try to make each trip a learning experience for the kids.

Colorado Springs, a Family Destination - Hero

Colorado Springs

Dallas is a fairly flat, inland community. So, when we find the opportunity to explore mountains, lakes, deserts, and oceans, we go for it.

I am looking forward to visiting sunny Colorado with my family. My ultimate destination is Colorado Springs, as it has so much to offer for all ages.

Colorado Springs - Pikes Peak Summit - High Five

Here are some of the sites and adventures we plan to take in over a long weekend in scenic Colorado Springs.


There are so many hiking trails suitable for kids in and around Colorado Springs, especially in the Pikes Peak region. One such hike is the Siamese Twins Trail that is easy and pretty.

We’ll start at the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center and then continue on to the 1 mile hike. This will leave us plenty of time to catch another adventure later in the day.

We’ll try to get in at least 2 hikes while spending time in the area. You can find information on 5 easy hikes on the Colorado Springs website.

Colorado Springs - Pikes Peak Summit

Exploring Space

Just five minutes from the Garden of the Gods is the Space Foundation Discovery Center. We’ll have an interactive exploration of the history and future of spaceflight.

The Center is the region’s only dedicated space, science, and technology center.

Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs: Your Family Destination, Days of a Domestic Dad

Dining Well

One evening, we’ll end our day of activities with a fun meal at the Airplane Restaurant. This is a fully intact Boeing KC-97 tanker that was assembled in 1953.

This will be a novelty and educational for the kids and relaxing for the adults.

Learning about our Native American Culture

One day we will visit the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. This is a preserved Anasazi Native American village carved into a sandstone cliff. It is over 800 years old.

The kids will be able to explore the dwellings room by room using a self-guided tour.

This preserve represents some of the finest architecture of the Anasazi Culture throughout Colorado and New Mexico.

Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs: Your Family Destination, Days of a Domestic Dad


Since we will be traveling with young and teenage girls, I’ll make sure we make time for shopping. There are 5 local shopping districts in the area. We won’t hit them all.

Perhaps we’ll make a trip into Old Colorado City to visit the small shops, museums, and restaurants – a little something for everyone.

Colorado Springs is south of Denver, reachable along Highway 25.

There is also a local airport that connects flights with several major city airports around the US. We can hop a flight directly from Dallas.