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Have you ever visited a place and simply fallen in love it? That’s how Staci and I felt when we visited Pediatrics Plus in Little Rock recently. I could not get past the idea of what they’re doing and how much it’s needed. That stayed with me.

Pediatrics Plus Frisco

Pediatrics Plus

Our youngest daughter, Joeli, was diagnosed with Expressive Speech Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder when she was two. We knew something was different about her when we began noticing little things, like the way she always lined her toys up. But, most noticeable was her inability to talk.

Pediatric Plus Frisco

Well, more so her lack of a “normal” vocabulary for a two-year-old. Everyone said it was because she was the youngest of five and everyone else did the talking for her. But, we knew it was more and our doctor referred us for evaluation.

Pediatrics Plus

Getting the official diagnosis was hard to accept at first. In addition to the disorders, she also was very low on the Autism Spectrum. Once we moved past our emotions, we did all we can to get her the therapy she needed. Her Speech and Occupational Therapists changed our world.

Pediatric Plus Frisco

This is what the staff at Pediatrics Plus does every day. From the owners down to the directors and therapists, they have built a team that not only caters to special needs children, but their families as well.

When we visited, we were able to observe developmental preschool classes and tour the entire facility. We watched kids laughing as they attended therapy sessions in an environment built for their needs.

The kids all looked genuinely happy with smiles at every turn. It wasn’t another hospital-like place for them, it was more of a home away from home.

Pediatric Plus Frisco

We’re grateful for the therapists we had with Joeli. They taught us how to help her manage her needs, and gave us insight into her world. At Pediatrics Plus, they focus on “empowering children to conquer their world.” When you see the smiles on the children’s face, you can really see how well they are doing!

Pediatrics Plus has over 15 years of experience and they are coming to Frisco next month! They offer a Developmental Preschool that has speech, occupational, physical and ABA therapy. Find out what makes them different.

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