Dremel Versa, There is No Job Too Big for the Dremel Versa, Days of a Domestic Dad

I have been sponsored to write about my experience with the Dremel Versa for the #ConquerTheCleanup campaign. Opinions expressed are my own.

The really tough clean-up jobs around the house are always on my to-do list. I am referring to the jobs that require some real elbow grease. I have a little helper to make the jobs a bit easier. It is the powerful Dremel Versa handheld cleaning tool.

Our Kitchen

The Dremel Versa is a compact, ergonomically designed, high-speed power scrubber. It is ideal for tackling grease and soap scum. By switching to the non-scratch cleaning pad, I can also polish the outside of the grill. It also works really well to remove the scum that builds up on the windows in our showers.

Dremel Versa Grill

This scrubber is super fast. The battery holds a charge and provides a constant rotation of the cleaning head. I love that it is so portable and lightweight. And, I can use it in wet or dry applications.

Dremel Versa Bathroom

Included with the Dremel Versa Kit

  • PC10-01 4VMax Dremel Versa Power Cleaner Tool
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • USB enabled charger
  • PC361 Power Cleaner Heavy-Duty Pad
  • PC362 Power Cleaner Eraser Pad
  • PC363 Power Cleaner Non-Scratch Pad
  • PC364 Power Cleaner Bristle Brush
  • Backing Pad
  • Splash Guard

The Heavy-Duty Pad is ideal for cleaning metal patio furniture, tile, oven burners, and tools. The Eraser Pad is great for glass shower enclosures, stovetops, and even your countertops! The Non-Scratch Pad works to clean inside an oven. The Bristle Brush can remove dirt from car wheel hubs and for cleaning tile grout.

Dremel Versa Kitchen

There are also several accessories that you can purchase to tackle other types of household jobs, not just clean-up. Please visit the Dremel website to see all that this versatile power tool can do. The Dremel Versa can be purchased at your local Home Depot, and Lowes. You can also find it online at Amazon.