Most people regard alcohol or drug addiction as a burden. It is, but fighting through a dependence or addiction can also teach you a lot about yourself. You can come away from it with a variety of life skills that will benefit you greatly.

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California rehabs are available to you if you are struggling. You should also be mindful of the skills you can take from your addiction recovery.

Finding a Job

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you might steal money to get your fix. When you kick the habit, though, you must find legal ways to bring in your income. You can use these skills to find work even once your addiction battles are long behind you.


When you are using drugs or alcohol, you might not care much about eating nutritious food. When you get clean, you’ll probably start to care about that kind of thing. Learning how to prepare healthy meals is an unexpected and useful benefit when you have kicked the habit.

Car Maintenance

You probably don’t think of your body as a machine, but that’s just what it is. Staying away from excessive drug and alcohol use keeps your body running properly. You can apply that lesson to your vehicle as well.

Better Communication

Maybe part of the reason why you consumed excessive drugs or alcohol was because you didn’t know how to make yourself heard. You can learn how to communicate better when you get clean. You can carry that over into other parts of your life.

Confronting a Problem Head-On

You may have abused drugs or alcohol because you had a problem or challenge in your life, and you felt like you couldn’t conquer it. Kicking the habit means confronting your feelings of sadness, anger, or inadequacy. Finding that inner resolve can help you in other situations too. 


When you’re using drugs or alcohol to excess, you often don’t care if you live in squalor. You might not care about food or trash strewn across the floor. When you get clean, you usually learn to keep cleaner living quarters. You can continue this trend when you stay sober.

Saying No

You might have continued to use drugs and alcohol when around certain family members or friend groups because you didn’t know how to say no. Finding the inner strength to do that isn’t easy, but it’s certainly a skill you can apply to other areas of your life once you learn how to do it.

Finding Other Ways of Coping

Finding other, healthier ways of coping with anxiety, stress, or other negative thoughts or feelings is a huge part of getting clean. You can use your new methods of avoiding substance abuse as you reconfigure your life with new priorities in mind.

Setting Up Boundaries

Setting up boundaries in various areas of your life can keep you away from excessive drug and alcohol use. It also keeps you more in control of your existence in a general sense. 

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