Top 5 Things I Love About Home Adventures with Tip and Oh

I love animation, I really wish we had the writing and technology available today when I was growing up. OK OK, that’s it for Dad’s ‘back in my day…’ moment. I really enjoy buddy movies, I always have, from the “Road to…” pictures with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby to today’s hit animation series, “Home […]

Preventing Nightmares – Advice for Parents When Their Kids Experience Nightmares or Bad Dreams

Have you ever found that you have just fallen asleep and are awakened by a sobbing child standing by your bedside wanting to climb in with you? There is often the declaration of a monster under the bed. You are tired, but you can’t ignore the fact that your little one has probably just had […]

These Duraflame Campfire Logs Make Me Dad of the Year

We are a family that likes to spend time together at our home. We enjoy being outdoors as much as possible. One of our favorite activities is to build a warm fire in our backyard fire pit and hang out around it. We share stories, gaze at the stars, or just read and relax. We […]