Nurses play a very pivotal role in the healthcare system.  The pandemic has shown us this and how!  But the journey to becoming a nurse is not easy since the education system is quite tough.

Line of doctor and nurses in a hospital

Nursing students have a tough time coping with assignments. Hence, they get their nursing essay written by professionals to battle academic pressure. But other than academic tasks, they have tons of other responsibilities. Here are some of the roles which nurses attend to:

Conduct examinations

One of the most significant roles of nurses is to check the patient’s condition. They run practical tests daily to ensure the patient is in safe and stable condition. Nurses are there to attend to the patients when doctors aren’t available.

They are the nurses who are available at all times to cater to any kind of patient. They carry out physical and diagnostic tests to ensure that patients are safe and out of danger. They do the tasks of doing electrocardiogram, oxygen monitoring, and glucose monitoring are namely few of them.

While performing such tests, it is important to carry it out efficiently.

Record conditions

Besides just carrying out tests, nurses are also responsible for recording them. They have to record every small growth and change. This helps the doctor know about the patient’s condition in detail.

Effective documentation is vital for tracing the conditions of the students and suggests suitable treatment methods. A record of results obtained from new treatment methods and procedures must also be listed. This gives an accurate idea of how effectively the new procedures are working. Following this, the doctor can suggest better means.

Act as a support system

Nurses are a support system for the family and the doctors. Nurses are the bridge between the patient and the family. Similarly, they are also the bridge between the doctor and the patient. They offer support to both sides by being present, offering suggestions and attending to all the needs.

Someone needs to calm down the patient and their family in bad times. And that is how nurses support the patients’ family majorly.

Offer physical help

Nurses are not those who are only staying in the hospital. Some at-home nurses offer physical help to the patients. These nurses are qualified as the registered nurses in the hospital. Some patients have serious conditions and cannot reside in the hospitals.

They need the warmth of the house under medical attention to feel better, which is what nurses offer. Such nurses do more than just performing diagnostic tests. They also care for the patient’s needs to ensure they are healthy mentally and physically.

Work with medical equipment

There are tons of nurses in every hospital. They’re well-equipped with medical tools and various tests. Even while conducting operations, some nurses help the doctors with the procedure. Their role is to take charge of the equipment to be used and administer them.

Nurses are qualified to work on many tools, including pumps, thermometers and more. They have to take the challenge of working under pressure head-on and achieve success positively. There is no room for making mistakes as it can cost people’s lives.

Offer counseling and health care

The percentage of nurses has increased to 24%, and so have their responsibilities. Most nurses can advise the patient options and counseling by getting advice from the physician. Nurses can offer counseling or move patients to emergency centers if the conditions worsen.

Educate patient’s family

The nurse’s role is to educate the patient’s family about the condition. There are many procedures and medical terms which they might be unaware of. And the doctor may not have the time to attend to them.

In such cases, nurses must take out the role of advising, passing on knowledge, and sharing the patient’s condition in simple terms with the family.

Tracking the disease, condition, symptoms, and future testing methods can enlighten the family. Having more information on the condition, they can also educate the family on exercises, nutrition and other habits which can help the patient.

Take up extra roles

Nurses are not just assigned to bed care. They also have to take up other roles voluntarily. This includes taking up inventory, ordering supplies, training new staff, taking extra shifts, etc. It is the role of the nurses to be keen to take up additional responsibilities which overall help the administration of the hospital.

Have tons of extra skills

Nurses are a big part of the health system. They have tons of extra skills like punctuality and leadership, team management, critical thinking and more. All this helps them cope with the present scenario and take the best and most effective steps.

The lives of nurses can be difficult, but their role is serving humanity. They are not just medical professionals but also empathetic humans who care deeply for the patients.


And there you know why nurses are important in the health care systems. They have been helping and taking care of patients for ages. Besides doctors and pharmacists, nurses are an important part of the healthcare system.

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