Most retirees and old adults live happily, healthily, and independently. However, complications resulting from advancing age can lead to mental and physical changes that interfere with their active and independent lifestyle.

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In-Home Care for Your Senior Adult

Declining the functional abilities of your senior adult shouldn’t necessarily mean moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Most of the aging population in the U.S prefers staying at home as long as possible, despite age-related changes in health, cognition, and mobility. Fortunately, home care service providers, such as Husky Senior Care, have stepped up to this challenge, providing excellent opportunities for home assistance than before.

However, when should you consider seeking in-home care services for your senior adult? Below are key indicators that you need in-home care service for your aging parents.

1.  Continually Increasing Needs

Changing personal and household cleanliness is the primary indicator of a shift in mental or physical status. Interestingly, even slight behavioral changes imply that seniors can’t complete familiar tasks without help. You may notice that your parents’ mail is piling up or they forget to do their hair.

Deviation from normal or established living standards, such as personal hygiene, is a red flag that the person requires help. While senior adults may not bathe or change clothes frequently, a strong urine smell or unkempt hair indicates it’s time to step in.

Worsening health conditions may also bring about increasing needs. Home health care service providers can help manage chronic conditions, monitor vital signs, provide wound care, and participate in therapies to improve their independence.

2.  Loneliness

Busy schedules may make it difficult to spend more time with your aging adult and cater to their needs. Apart from work commitments, you might also be struggling with your family. While this is not intentional, seniors feel neglected over time and can’t complain.

Therefore, if your senior starts seeking attention, they probably feel lonely. Besides spending more time with them, you should consider hiring a caregiver. In-home caregivers provide round-the-clock companionship, which is crucial to the seniors’ well-being. Caregivers are also great outdoor partners. They can take them for walks, play board games, and more.

3.  Declining Memory

Declining memory and symptoms of dementia are hazardous if the aging adult lives alone. If you start noticing signs of memory loss, you should consider seeking in-home care services as soon as possible. Senior caregivers will take care of your senior adult’s basic activities. This includes reminding them to take scheduled medication. Signs of memory loss include:

  •  Repeating the same questions
  •  Getting lost in the neighborhood and familiar places
  •  Unable to follow simple instructions
  •  Evident confusion about time, location, and known people

4.  If You are Experiencing Stress or Burnout

Most people take it upon themselves to help their aging adults with basic activities, such as grocery shopping, managing medications, and housekeeping. However, you should hire in-home care services if these additional responsibilities affect your work schedule and family. Caregiving is physically and emotionally demanding.

You can check St John Village’s in-home care packages for professional services. This will maintain your senior adult’s quality of life while giving you time to focus on other important aspects of your life.


If you notice either of the signs mentioned above, it is time to discuss in-home care. However, most old adults avoid this topic because of the sensitivity of allowing strangers to help them.

Therefore, introduce the discussion slowly and find a reliable in-home care provider who delivers quality services and can make your senior adult comfortable.

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