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Our family loves being outdoors in the Texas sun. We find ourselves in the backyard or exploring local trails for fun. We seem to be having record high temperatures this summer. Thankfully we have been able to escape the heat by going indoors.

, Hot Summers Can Take a Toll on Your HVAC, Days of a Domestic Dad

Summers Can Get Home

I am not sure what I would do if our air conditioning system failed. That is why I think it is critical to maintaining our HVAC system on a regular basis to ensure it is always running efficiently. Some of the most common AC issues include: 

  • Low air velocity
  • Water leaks around the unit
  • Unusual noise
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Low refrigerant
  • Old age
  • Unit doesn’t turn on

If you are experiencing any of these issues, Sears Home Services has the expertise to properly assess, maintain, and repair home HVAC systems. 


Sears Home Services

If you aren’t sure if your HVAC system is running properly or needs to be repaired or even replaced, consider giving Sears Home Services a call. Sears Home Services has technicians on hand who can assess the overall performance and efficiency of a home HVAC system. The skilled technicians can adjust, repair, or completely replace an HVAC system that isn’t functioning quite up to speed.

You can schedule a free in-home consultation for a new central air conditioner, furnace, or other type of whole-house HVAC system. Your local Sears Home Services expert will make a visit to your home and review your needs. He or she will explain your options and make a recommendation based on your specific budget.

, Hot Summers Can Take a Toll on Your HVAC, Days of a Domestic Dad

Sears Home Services has a long history and trusted reputation in the home improvement sector. They have strong professional expertise at repairing, maintaining, and replacement of HVAC systems throughout the U.S.

Savings and Offers

If you need to get your HVAC system repaired, but also want to save for a new one in the future, the Sears HVAC Savings Program is a smart way to go. You can join the Sears Home Services’ HVAC Savings at no cost. Every time you participate in a paid HVAC repair or maintenance service performed by Sears Home Services you will automatically receive credits to your account. Your balance will always be available any time you are ready to upgrade to a new HVAC system. Your earnings are dollar-for-dollar credits and savings are up to 10% off the new HVAC purchase price. 

, Hot Summers Can Take a Toll on Your HVAC, Days of a Domestic Dad

Right now, Sears has a special offer. Save$325 when you purchase a new HVAC system of $1,500 or more. The offer expires on10/31/18. Please visit the website to see offer details and to schedule your free in-home consultation.