When choosing the right pet for your kids, there are a few things you have to consider.

The Right Pet, How To Choose The Right Pet For Your Kids, Days of a Domestic Dad

Pets can provide many hours of enjoyment for children, but it’s important to choose the right one. Here are some tips on how to pick the perfect pet for your family! (Additional Read: Benefits of Pets For Human Health)


Always think about the size of the pet which is why many parents choose rodents for smaller children. There are lots of fancy rat color patterns so you won’t be making a mistake if you choose one of these as a first pet for your kids.

If you’re looking for something bigger, why not consider a guinea pig? They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and make great first pets for children.

If the animal is too big, it may be difficult for your child to handle. If the animal is too small, it may not be able to withstand the rougher handling that kids are likely to give it. Choose an animal size that is right for your child and one that they can comfortably handle.

Reptiles are another option to consider, but be sure to do thorough research as some reptiles can grow quite large and may not be suitable for smaller children. You’ll probably need some large superworms linked here to feed it in the long run. Your kid will need to be maximally involved into caring for the pet since it is a great responsibility.


Make sure that your child isn’t allergic to the animal you’re thinking of getting. Pets often come with allergies, so it’s important to be aware of what your child is allergic to. If your child is allergic to a specific animal, there are many hypoallergenic breeds that might work for your family.

Do some research on allergies and pets before making a final decision on what kind of pet is right for your family. There are many resources available online and at your local library. Once you’ve decided on a pet, be sure to get allergy tested by a doctor to make sure that everyone in the family can enjoy the new addition.

If your kid does struggle with a lot of allergies, there are still pets that might work for your family. Consider getting a pet that doesn’t have furs, such as a fish or reptile. These kinds of pets can be lower maintenance and still provide your child with the companionship they crave.

No matter what kind of pet you choose, allergies should not be a deterrent to bringing an animal into your home. With a little bit of research and planning, you can find the perfect pet for your family, allergies and all!

The Right Pet, How To Choose The Right Pet For Your Kids, Days of a Domestic Dad

Ease Of Care 

There are a lot of responsibilities that come with a pet. These are the following:

  • feeding
  • walking
  • exercising
  • grooming
  • vet visits
  • training

All these things need to be taken into consideration when choosing a pet for your kids. One of the biggest factors is the ease of care. You want to make sure that the pet you choose is one that can be easily taken care of by your kids. 

Some pets are easier to take care of than others. For example, dogs need to be walked and exercised every day. They also need to be groomed on a regular basis. Cats, on the other hand, are much easier to take care of. They don’t need to be exercised as much and they groom themselves. 

When it comes to ease of care, you also want to consider the vet visits. Some pets need to go to the vet more often than others. Dogs, for example, need to go to the vet for their annual shots. Cats only need to go to the vet every few years. 


You don’t want to get a dog that is going to be too high-energy for your kids or one that is going to be aggressive. You’ll want to find a balance and temperament is a big part of that.

With smaller children, you might want to consider a calmer dog breed like the Cavalier King Charles spaniel or even a small mixed-breed. Older children can handle dogs with higher energy levels like Labrador Retrievers or German Shepherds.

You also want to think about how much time your family spends at home. If you have a more relaxed lifestyle, then you can get away with having a dog that doesn’t require as much exercise as some of the other breeds out there.

But if you’re constantly on the go, you’ll want to make sure you get a breed that can handle that type of lifestyle. Breeds like the Australian Cattle Dog or the Border Collie are good choices for families on the go.

The Age Of The Child

Another important factor to consider when choosing a pet for kids is the age of the child. A baby or very young child may not be able to understand the concept of taking care of a pet, which means the parents will have to do most, if not all, of the work.

On the other hand, an older child who is responsible and understands the commitment involved in taking care of a pet may be ready for the challenge. Ultimately, it’s up to the parents to decide what’s best for their family.

Budget – The Right Pet

Some pets can be quite expensive, and if you’re on a budget, it’s important to consider how much you’re willing to spend on your new pet. 

There are a lot of pets that are relatively inexpensive, such as hamsters and guinea pigs, which make great first pets for kids. 

If you have your heart set on a particular type of pet, like a dog or cat, there are ways to save money on their care. For example, you can get a smaller dog that doesn’t require as much food or exercise as a larger one. 

You can also adopt an older animal from a shelter instead of buying a kitten or puppy, which can be quite expensive.

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Get Them Involved 

Ask your kid what kind of animal they want and do some research on that type of pet. Once you’ve decided on a pet, take your child to meet the animal before bringing it home.

This way, they can see if they’re scared of it or if it’s too big for them to handle. Let them help you take care of the animal once you bring it home, such as feeding it and walking it. This will teach them responsibility and how to care for another living creature.

This will also help you determine if your child is even ready for a pet. If they’re not taking care of their stuffed animals, then they’re probably not ready for a real one. Choose a pet that is low-maintenance so you’re not stuck doing all the work yourself.

Every kid will be happier with a pet, but you need to consider the size of it as well as the allergies that may come along. Make sure the pet is easier to care for and that it’s not too energetic.

How to Find the Right Pet

Consider the age of your kid and the amount you’re willing to spend. Finally, ask your kids what they would want and make the decision with them!

The Right Pet, How To Choose The Right Pet For Your Kids, Days of a Domestic Dad