There is nothing worse than breaking down on the side of the road. However, if you don’t know what to do when this happens, you could be in a lot of trouble. This post will walk you through six things that every driver should do when they break down and their car is no longer working.

If Your Car Breaks Down, What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down, Days of a Domestic Dad

Call For Help

If you have a mobile phone, call for help immediately. If not, go to the nearest house and ask them to do it for you. Even if your car works again after just a little while on its own, still get in touch with roadside assistance if you’re in need of a towing service or Tire Works as soon as possible.

They might be able to fix any underlying problems before they become more serious issues. In addition, calling for help will allow tow truck drivers from companies to know where to find you quickly when they show up at your location.

If you feel like your car is never going to break down, then it probably will at some point. You can’t always plan for emergencies, but if you prepare yourself before one happens that makes all the difference in how smoothly everything goes when they do arise. Make sure that you know what to expect immediately after a vehicle breakdown has occurred and taken steps beforehand so everyone involved knows exactly what their role is once the mechanic arrives on-site.

Get Your Car Off The Road

The first thing you need to do if your car breaks down is get it off the road. Even if there are no immediate dangers, leaving a vehicle in an area with heavy traffic can cause accidents.

Plus, it could be blocking other cars from getting through or being towed away by authorities for illegal parking. You don’t want that on your record! So always pull over as far to the side of the road as possible before calling someone for help. If you have roadside assistance coverage, they will come out and tow your car away free of charge.

Turn On Your Hazard Lights

The third thing you need to do is turn on your hazard lights. This will prevent other drivers from crashing into you while you are stopped on the side of the road. Keeping yourself safe in these situations is important, not just for you but everyone else around as well.

Using your hazards can also ensure that emergency crews find it easier to locate where they need to go if needed. You should consider keeping your hazard lights on until help arrives or someone comes back with a solution for how best to get home safely without using their car.

Have flares ready if possible and new batteries in any warning devices like this one.

Remain In Your Vehicle

This is important for several reasons. First, you want to stay in the car where it is safe. If the road conditions have made driving dangerous or visibility has become a problem it makes sense to remain inside your vehicle until help arrives.

This also protects rescuers from injuries when they come upon you on the side of the road. In addition, if you find yourself stranded during extremely cold weather then remaining with your car gives rescue workers time for them to reach you safely and bring enough equipment so that everyone can survive being stuck outside together.

Call Your Auto Insurance Agent

If you have AAA™ Auto Club South roadside assistance, then they will take care of calling your insurance company for you. But if not, then it is up to you to let them know that this has occurred so they can work on getting a tow truck or other vehicle out as soon as possible.

Be sure to provide the agent with current contact information and also tell them about any damage sustained before being towed away by mechanics from an auto repair shop or dealership.

It helps if drivers keep all receipts from work completed by professionals on-site since this documentation proves where parts were purchased from or where service was performed during certain times

These receipts can help the consumer get reimbursed for their expenses or work completed if a problem arises in which they need to file a claim with an insurance company. They also show that someone is trying to be proactive about getting back on track after experiencing car trouble.

Call Your Mechanic

If you are nervous about having your car towed or getting it fixed, then call a mechanic that you trust. You can give them the information about what is wrong with your vehicle so they know how to fix it when they arrive on-site. You can also ask them any questions that you may have.

This will provide them with an idea of what parts may be needed, whether it’s ball bushings or tires and rims before they come out to assess the situation. Having a clear understanding of the issue ensures that mechanics are well-prepared, which can expedite the repair process and get you back on the road in no time.

The mechanic will come to your location and help get your car working again. They will repair it promptly so you don’t need to worry about the vehicle breaking down while they are still on-site fixing it.

It takes one call, but after that everything else is taken care of for you when the mechanic arrives at your home or place of business with the tools and equipment needed to complete the job successfully.

After you have called your mechanic, give them any other information that they may need. You can tell them if there is anything else wrong with the car and how long it has been broken down.

If Your Car Breaks Down What Do You Do

They will also ask about where you got parts from when putting in new ones on-site or what shop you had to take the vehicle to get fixed previously. The more information they know before arriving, then the less time their technicians are going to spend asking questions once on-site fixing it up.

Follow these tips if you’re stranded without any cell phone service such as staying calm and using flares along the road to catch attention from other drivers who might be able to help.

Finally, if you have a roadside assistance program from an auto insurer or even AAA it’s good to be aware of what they can do in case your car breaks down and where their service area is located.

If Your Car Breaks Down, What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down, Days of a Domestic Dad