With COVID-19 seemingly not going away as quickly as we had all hoped, many families are having to navigate the new normal of remote or virtual learning. Many school districts are doing a great job at keeping kids engaged and in learning mode via hybrid learning models and internet connections. However, connections are often slow or spotty at best with so much online traffic.

Virtual Learning

Ups and Downs of Virtual Learning

Another challenge is motivating kids to actually participate in remote activities. Part of the issue is the lack of social interaction. It is recommended that students stick to a routine, similar to one they experience when learning in a classroom setting. Kids need structure as well as playtime. Having a schedule is beneficial to parents who are working from home and need their kids to be occupied.

There is an upside to virtual learning. Some parents I have spoken to actually enjoy having more quality time with their children and like knowing exactly what they are learning. Also, everyone can get a little extra sleep because no one is running for a bus or driving to and from school or work.

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Verizon 5G at Home

During these unsettling times, wireless providers are doing their best to make sure schools and families have access to reliable connections with adequate speeds. Verizon takes this challenge seriously with 5G Home Internet that uses Ultra Wideband to power every wireless device within the home.

With Verizon 5G, children can participate in virtual learning on their individual laptops or tablets while parents can work from home on PC, Mac, IOS, or Android devices. A speedy and reliable connection is especially helpful when running or attending a virtual meeting or class with multiple participants. And, for downtime or family time, you can rely on Verizon 5G for streaming of TV shows and movies.

Verizon 5G Home router
Image Credit: Verizon

Why Verizon 5G Home

  • Ultra-Fast – Feel the power of ultra-fast home internet with the 5G Ultra Wideband network.
  • Self Setup – On your own time. Or, opt for free professional setup. Available in all locations except Sacramento.
  • No Bundles – No constrictions, No hidden fees, No annual contracts. Just pure, ultra-fast home internet.
  • Voice Control – Voice-activated control to enhance your internet experience. (only in select markets)
  • Stream More – Get an Amazon Smart Home Bundle & YouTube TV
  • free for 1 month on us when you sign up for 5G Home Internet. (more details)

#AlwaysOn is the Verizon campaign to help students and teachers stay connected and thrive during the school year while virtual learning safe at home. Typical connection speeds are approximately 300 Mbps (megabytes per second). Some locations will benefit from speeds up to 1 Gbps (gigabytes per second). And, hotspots are numerous so you can stay tuned in when outside of the home.

Verizon is offering a limited-time promotion of a free Stream TV device. When you sign up for 5G Home Internet, you can receive an Amazon Smart Home Bundle with a month of free YouTube TV.