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Once we get past the holidays, life seem to really slow down a bit for us. From work to our personal lives, it seems the first of the year is a bit quieter, a little less busy. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to step back, take a breathe, and just refocus on what matters most: family.

Savor the Simpler Things in Life

In fact, it’s the perfect time to savor the simpler things in life. There’s no need to worry about things out of our control, instead, concentrate on what we can do to make things easier on ourselves. To make our life at home happier and less stressful–for everyone. These tips are a great way to get started as you begin to make the time you, and your family, need to live simpler and more joyful:

Be Present

How many times have you found yourself daydreaming while someone around you is talking? Although it’s not on purpose, be more intentional about being all-there when you’re surrounded by others. Family and friends deserve your full attention. You will discover it can actually strengthen your relationships.

Laugh More

There are so many fun moments which can be found in everyday life–if you simply open your mind to the idea. For example, at bath time, find a way to make it more enjoyable for the kids. What’s more fun than a bathtub full of bubbles! By the way, Ivory Free & Gentle Body Wash with Pear & Sandalwood is an excellent choice for all ages. Plus, it’s free of dyes and parabens and made with pure ingredients It’s great for sensitive skin with it’s gentle clean qualities. It also includes the #1 Dermatologist-Recommended moisturizing ingredient. During bath time, we also use the Ivory Original 3-bar and Ivory Original Body Wash. Both are free of dyes and heavy perfumes.

Ivory Soap Gentle Clean

Plan Wisely

From meal planning to having a workable family schedule in place, planned ahead of time alleviates a lot of stress. Besides, weekly meal planning and grocery shopping saves you both time and money. Saving on both of these activities will add to your happiness as well.

Reduce Clutter

Of course, the most obvious here is in your home. Learn to clean as you go and get rid of items you haven’t used in over 6 months. Less tangible stuff around the house means less stress. But, take a look at other areas of your life that need de-cluttering as well. Are there apps on your phone killing your productivity or ability to be present? Delete them. Do you have toxic relationships? It’s okay to keep the genuine friends who add value and joy to your life and to walk away from the ones that don’t.

Basically, it comes to down to the fact that your life is what you make it. It’s okay to live it on your own terms. Say “no” when you feel it’s necessary, and don’t feel guilty about it. Keep life as simple as you need it to be, and don’t worry about what others think in the process.

Ivory Clean Products

How are you going to make time to savor the simpler things in life?

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