Depending on who you ask, holidays are perfect reasons to bring out the grillers and have severe backyard BBQ parties. No matter where you are in the world, the change in temperature seems to prompt more people to be a little more sociable and outdoorsy.

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Since the ambient temperature is more pleasant and bearable for a prolonged period of time, many people are inclined to gather and chit-chat over some bbq, wine, or beer. Spring is usually a great time to be spending more time in front of the grill.

But if you’re like me who believes that it’s always bbq season, then brush up on your BBQ skills and follow this simple temperature guide for your next BBQ party.

The key to a good BBQ is meeting the right internal temperature for your meat. You don’t want overly burnt BBQs that are too charred to pass on as a decent meal to pair with your beer. You also don’t want it to be so undercooked that you’d have to call 911 for a quick trip to the emergency room.

But before we talk about the right temperature for your barbequed meat, it is equally important to invest in a reliable tool to test the temperature of your meat.

Rare Beef125°F / 51°C
Medium Rare Beef 135°F / 57°C
Medium Beef145°F / 62°C
Well Done Beef155°F / 68°C
Beef Brisket and Short Ribs185-205°F / 85-96°C
Minced Beef (Patties)160°F/70°C
Pork Chops160°F / 71°C
Whole Hog205°F / 96°C
Whole chicken163°F / 73°C
Chicken pieces (wings, drumstick)163°F / 73°C
Whole turkey163°F / 73°C
Whole duck163°F / 73°C
Whole peasant163°F / 73°C
Rare Lamb125°F / 51°C
Medium Rare Lamb135°F / 57°C
Medium Lamb145°F / 62°C
Well Done Lamb155°F / 68°C
Medium rare salmon125°F / 51°C
Well done salmon160°F / 71°C
Medium rare tuna125°F / 51°C
Well done tuna160°F / 71°C

I recently had the chance to try the InstaProbe meat thermometer by Typhur. I had to buy one after my old one got broken after a series of BBQ parties in my neighborhood.

What I like about this thermometer is its sleek, waterproof design. I even brought it during a trip and it got really drenched in water. It did pass the waterproof test and is still working perfectly fine in my kitchen. It is also highly responsive and registers the internal temperature of the meat in less than one second. It is especially useful when barbequing multiple types of meat for a lot of people.

Once you have the right tool to check the temperature of your meat, you are all set to do some serious barbequing. Follow this simple temperature guide for your next BBQ party.

When checking the internal temperature of your meat, make sure you insert the probe into the thickest part of the meat and in multiple parts if you are barbequing a bigger piece like turkey or chicken.

Photo delicious sliced beef tenderloins with different degrees of doneness on white background top view

You’d want to poke the thigh and also the breast part of the meat to make sure you get the correct internal temperature reading. When using the InstaProbe meat thermometer, checking multiple areas of the meat is easy. You can adjust the angle of the metal probe and the digital number display also automatically adjusts based on the orientation of the thermometer.

You can easily read the temperature  because of its bright OLED display. Another great thing about the InstaProbe meat thermometer is that it’s magnetic.

It easily attaches and stays on any metal surface. You wouldn’t have to worry about not finding it while you’re in the thick of some serious barbequing.

, Temperature Guide for BBQ, Days of a Domestic Dad