Your new baby just arrived! Congratulations! The first few weeks are a whirlwind of excitement, sleeplessness, and stress. It seems like you’re constantly running out the door to buy more milk or diapers. Fear not – here are 6 useful new baby products you will need.

New Baby Products You Will Need, 6 Useful New Baby Products You Will Need, Days of a Domestic Dad

The list includes both necessities and some fun toys that will keep your baby entertained. 

Here is the list.

A Baby Stroller

At one time or the other, you’ll need to leave the house. If your baby is a newborn, you’ll need a stroller that is light enough for your partner to lift in and out of the car but sturdy enough to push through a crowded mall. As seen on this best all-terrain double strollers review, there are different types of strollers to choose from – but all-terrain models work well for most parents. For more information, it would be best to have a stroller that is easy to maneuver, with lockable swivel wheels for extra stability.

A stroller that reclines will make your baby more comfortable on longer outings and is easier to clean if they happen to vomit or poop during the trip. Besides this, you will need one that is easy to fold and store. Ensure that you buy the same from reputable companies to ensure that it meets safety standards.

A Baby Carrier

Your baby will be tired of being strapped in the stroller after a while, so you’ll need something else to carry them around with – enter the baby carrier. It’s not just for your convenience – it also helps you bond with your child close-up. There are many types of baby carriers, and it’s best to try on a few before making your choice.

When choosing a baby carrier, check if it has adjustable straps, is easy to put on and take off by yourself, offers good back support for you (this ensures that your baby’s weight isn’t all on your shoulders), and can be machine-washed easily after a spillage or spit-up incident. Also, the cost of baby carriers varies widely depending on the material used and extra features.

A Diaper Bag

As new parents know only too well, a diaper bag is an essential accessory for any outing. This isn’t just because you need to carry diapers and baby food with you – it’s also the place where you’ll probably store all your items as well.

Your best bet here would be a backpack rather than a shoulder bag or handbag so that both of your hands are free to carry your baby and whatever else you need. It should be large enough to hold diapers, wipes, extra clothes for the both of you, a blanket, and other small essentials without being too bulky or heavy.

Clothing and Layette Essentials

Your baby will need clothes that are comfortable and easy to wear, as well as those that keep them warm. Babies at this age urinate frequently – so you’ll want your child’s clothing to be easily washable too. Newborns typically sleep 12-18 hours a day in their first month, so it would be best to buy a couple of sleepers first and then add more as your baby grows. In terms of material, cotton is breathable and warm enough for this age group.

In addition to clothes, don’t forget about diapers! You’ll need at least 24 diapers in the first month, though you’ll need to buy more as your baby grows. Cloth diapers are eco-friendly and will save money, too – but they aren’t easy to put on or take off by yourself and can be challenging to clean if needed quickly. Disposable diapers, on the other hand, come pre-packed and are super easy to clean.

A Baby Thermometer

There’s nothing more distressing than a sick baby – but you can take comfort in the fact that many childhood illnesses can be treated easily if caught early on, so it’s essential to have a thermometer handy at home. Whether your baby has a fever or is teething, you’ll need to monitor their temperature.

If possible, go for an electronic one rather than the old-fashioned glass kind because it will give accurate readings within seconds and is easier on your child too (the latter might not seem essential but trust us – it is!)

Bath Items

Bath time is an excellent way to bond with your baby and will also help them grow stronger. You’ll need several types of bath essentials for this – from shampoo, soap, towels, etc. Your best bet would be to buy separate items that come in small sizes, so you don’t end up wasting money if your child doesn’t like a particular product. Also, try out a few brands before settling on one – some babies might be allergic to certain soaps or shampoos, and you’ll want to avoid that as much as possible!

In conclusion, babies need a lot of stuff – from diapers to toys to clothing, etc. It may seem daunting at first, but it will make things much easier if you keep this checklist handy. Ensure that the materials you buy are made of safe, eco-friendly fabric that’s easy to clean if needed.