Summer is winding down in North Texas, although the heat is still relentless most days. Staci and I spend the early evenings with a cold drink on the patio while our girls Jaden, Jaci, and Joeli play with their little dog on our now pristine, pesticide-free lawn. Between our climate, poor clay soil, and my two brown thumbs, it wasn’t like this last year.

After moving into our home, we saw our emerald lawn turn a sickly yellow with brown spots. Weeds grew like…well, weeds. Because of our girls and the dog, Staci was reluctant about using chemicals on the lawn, and I agreed. Enter Get Sunday Lawn Plans.

What is Get Sunday?

I spent months researching how to fix our deteriorating lawn. I learned that getting a lush lawn is something between a science and art involving soil management, weed, and pest control, fertilizing, and proper watering and lawn-mowing techniques.

What are your best seasonal lawn maintenance tips?

The key to fewer weeds, I learned, is a healthy lawn. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed. I wanted a way to get the lawn of my dreams without spending a fortune on a lawn care specialist or even a DIY fix. Then I came across Get Sunday Lawn Plans.

The name was catchy, but what got my attention was that Get Sunday is a subscription-based lawn care start-up service for people who want a great lawn without spending a lot of time or money. Staci said it reminded her of those meal box delivery kits. But with full-year plans starting at $129, Get Sunday was definitely more affordable. You get three shipments a year that includes a customized plan, nutrient pouches, a lab soil test, hose-end sprayer, and advice from a Sunday support team.

I was a bit spectacle that no seeds are included, but their concept is to help you thicken your lawn without overseeding, and they offer a money-back guarantee. Best of all, they advertise a healthy lawn that’s “better for people, pets, and planet.” Their lawn products are made with all-natural ingredients like unsold grocery store produce, molasses, and Maine seaweed. The only ingredient they use that is synthetically produced is urea, but it comes from animals and is non-toxic. That sold me, and Staci too.

How Get Sunday Works

Get Sunday Lawn Plans uses individual climate, soil, and satellite data to determine your needs and create a customized plan. To get started, you go to their website, enter your email address, and create a password. A satellite photo of your property pops up. They show you the products your lawn needs to get started. A soil test is included to help them determine your specific nutrient deficiencies. After knowing your deficiencies, they send what you need. Over the months, I’ve received Grass Machine, Grass Powerhouse, and Heat Helper (no surprise since this is Texas).

Along with my newly-acquired lawn care skills, I’ll have to say Sunday Lawn Plans are working quite well. The uneven patches have filled in, and the grass greened up nicely. I have a happy lawn now that needs less watering, and that makes me happy too.