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I recently created a collage of 7 pieces to complete the décor on a wall in our home by using the Snap to Frame app from Nebraska Furniture Mart. I am pretty excited about being able to hang the artwork that I personalized with the help of the app. It is super easy to use. You can download the Snap to Frame app or you can check out the in-store kiosk at the Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Snap to Frame by Nebraska Furniture Mart

Snap to Frame

Snap to Frame is an app that enables me to create my own custom artwork to hang on my walls. I can access and use the app through my mobile device anywhere, or I can use the in-store kiosk at any Nebraska Furniture Mart location. In fact, once an account is created, anyone is able to use it both at home and at the kiosk just by logging in.


The app offers options of uploading my personal images, such as memorable photographs. Or, I can choose from a variety of images and curated artwork that are available online. There is an easy tutorial that walks me through the entire process.

I really like that I was able to insert a photo of the wall where I want to display my collage on to see what the finished product will look like after I hang it. It enables me to rearrange things until I get the placement just the way I like it. This is a pretty cool feature.

Snap to Frame app, The Snap to Frame App from Nebraska Furniture Mart is a Cinch, Days of a Domestic Dad

After I decided on my 7 piece collage and how I wanted it displayed on the wall, I was able to choose the medium on which the images would be printed. There are a few options, such as canvas, wood panels, acrylic, metal, or it can be framed. I chose to have mine placed on the canvas. If you want it framed, you can pick one out from over 80 options. By visiting the Nebraska Furniture Mart store kiosk you can see samples of the actual frame options available. You can also see examples of what a finished installation might look like on a wall.


My finished pieces were shipped to me with a wall template, showing exactly how I decided to display the collage. This hanging guide will seamlessly assist me in accurately placing the pieces on the wall. I don’t think I can mess this up.

Snap to Frame Canvas Back

Snap to Frame App – Current Promotion

Nebraska Furniture Mart is offering a limited time 25% off coupon for your order placed through the Snap to Frame app. This offer is available through February 10, 2017. Before checking out make sure you take advantage of this promotion by typing in coupon code 25NFMBLG.