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It’s tax season and that has a lot of us considering how to spend our refunds. Perhaps it’s time to tech yourself out with a shiny new smartphone. Maybe it’s the perfect time to invest your refund into a new mobile plan with unlimited talk, text and data/web to save all year. I am collaborating with Cricket Wireless this tax season to save a bundle. If you switch to Cricket Wireless: With Cricket’s amazing tax season deals you can get a new smartphone and keep cash in your pocket. With affordable plans and a reliable nationwide network to more than 99% of Americans* you are sure to be covered.

Cricket Wireless, Educational Apps for the On The Go Parent – Cricket Wireless Offers, Days of a Domestic Dad

Cricket Wireless Offers

Smartphones now have almost given you the same capabilities as a home computer and in some cases at a fraction of the price. I find myself relying on my smartphone more and more every year, so I normally find a way to upgrade when I can. This tax season, I will look to save on my taxes and invest in a “smarter” smartphone from Cricket Wireless.

Cricket Wireless, Educational Apps for the On The Go Parent – Cricket Wireless Offers, Days of a Domestic Dad

One way to embrace the use of technology in your homeschool curriculum is by incorporating educational apps. Educational apps can be used to teach a subject, supplement a subject, or provide a fun game related to a subject. However, you decide to add tech into your homeschool, here are some great apps to get you going.

Top 7 Educational Apps for Elementary Students

Top 7 Educational Apps for Elementary Students

Duolingo: A fun way to learn another language and best of all it is free. Available on IOS and Android, this app features bite-sized lessons that include listening and translating in a fun multiple choice format. Your answers are immediately graded and there are fun features to keep motivation on high.

Bitsboard: A popular app available on IOS which offers 25 mini games on a variety of topics appealing to a wide range of ages. You can open the app and click on a topic then play one or more of the games offered. There is also an option to create your own lessons for your kids.

Stack the States: This immensely fun and popular app is available on IOS and Android. It features and interactive map of the 50 states which teaches capitals, state shapes, locations, flags, bordering states, and more. The app allows you to create up to six player profiles. The app will keep track of your progress.

Pizza Fractions 1: Using pizza to teach fractions is not a new concept but it is highly effective. Taking this theme, Pizza Fractions 1 for IOS, engages children in learning basic fractions then adjusts to higher levels as the child progresses. The game is designed for children in grades 2nd through 5th.

Pocket Phonics: Available on IOS and Android, this app teaches letter sounds, writing, and first words. Phonics are taught in small groups and build up to blends and words. Children are given writing practice on letters with interactive letters.

Timeline Builder: Perhaps you always wanted to create one of those timelines that filled the walls of your dining room or perhaps you want to finally take it down. This app allows your children to create a timeline based on their interests such as a timeline of composers, artists, fashion, the Middle Ages, etc. Kids can add in their own images or images from the internet for each event.

Geoboard: It is exactly as it sounds, a digital geoboard. You stretch digital bands around pegs to create shapes on the geoboard. Geoboards teach a variety of math concepts such as congruence, area, fractions, angles, and much more. It is an uncomplicated app for your IOS devices, and highly addictive.

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