DODD Spon DisclosureWeekday mornings are pretty much all about getting the kids up and ready to start a day of school. We do make a point to our morning started with a good breakfast. Sometimes that is a challenge, as everyone has different preferences. So, we try to mix it up to make everyone happy. That takes a little more effort than I have 365 days a year.

RaceTrac #WhateverGetsYouGoing (We’re not Judging)

There are days when I let the kids sleep in a little, allowing me some alone time. On those days I will head out for coffee and donuts to make life a little simpler for the family. RaceTrac is about as convenient as it gets for this. I can pick up a variety of fresh donuts and healthy fruit salad cups for the kids. For myself, I like the breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches. The Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito is a local treat for us, and really affordable. It is satisfying and sustains me until lunch. I also enjoy the variety of fresh coffees. I can’t start my day without coffee. I sometimes treat myself with whipped cream on top of my coffee from the creamers and toppings selections.

This January RaceTrac is running a terrific breakfast promotion: Any size coffee for 50 cents with the purchase of any breakfast sandwich. That is a meal for me for well under $5.00. That’s incentive to get me going. For my wife, I like to indulge her with the Omelet Wrap filled with eggs, ham, sautéed peppers, and cheese.

When I know our day will be especially busy, I will also pick up prepared salads and chicken breast sandwiches for lunch. These are delivered to the stores daily, so I know they are fresh.

Around here we take pride in our Tex-Mex dishes. Sometimes we will have friends over for a backyard get-together and serve up a pot of homemade chili with cornbread and a side of tangy slaw. It is simple, yet everyone enjoys it. Texas chili doesn’t have beans, so we often do a slow cooker pot of spicy beans on the side. I think I may gravitate toward the breakfast burritos at RaceTrac because they remind me of our weekend afternoon gatherings with friends and family.


RaceTrac is so convenient and the staff is very helpful and friendly. It is not a stressful experience in the middle of a busy week. I am not a fast food, drive-thru kind of guy. I like to see my food. I actually enjoy my solo adventures, and my family enjoys the treats I bring home.

I am not affiliated with RaceTrac as an owner, employee, or advertiser. RaceTrac sponsors me to write my express opinions. My opinions are based solely on my personal experiences.