When it comes to writing the thesis or dissertation many students want to find expert help and get their extensive paper done by someone else. However, they need to be sure of the platform and know that it is reliable and trustworthy.

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Therefore, in this review, we will tell you about one of the most popular and recognized platforms, which provides help with such graduation papers as dissertations and theses.

We are talking about the ThesisGeek website, which has been helping students since 2013 and already has an extensive client base around the world. Go to page to check out the website, its prices, and services. If you do not want to investigate everything by yourself, you can read our review that tells all the features and advantages of the website.

The Prices, Services, and Experts of the Platform 

After you sign up for the ThesisGeek platform you can familiarize yourself with its services. All the information can be found on the main page. The other way to get your questions answered is to contact customer support right away. However, you will probably not need to do that because the website is easy to navigate and is user-friendly. Yet, we will tell about the aspects that interest customers the most:

  • Services: at the platform, all the services are dedicated to thesis and dissertation papers. Thus, you can get your thesis or dissertation proposal, thesis, or dissertation written from scratch. You can also ask for specific assistance, such as adjusting and adding the citations, formatting your bibliography, or ensuring that the overall paper is written according to the formatting style required. This type of service belongs to editing and proofreading services, which are also available on the website.
  • Price: the most important question that worries students the most is the cost of the services of the ThesisGeek website. The clients of the platform are lucky because the owners of the website recognize the financial struggles students might face and offer reasonable prices. The price on the website is calculated per 100 words, and the price for it starts from $5.85. This is the price for writing from scratch. Yet, the editing and proofreading services are cheaper. For example, editing services would cost you from $3.90, and proofreading costs from $3.32. As you can see, the price can be different and is calculated based on your unique case, so it is impossible to predict the exact price. However, you can calculate the approximate price by looking at the page requirements of your thesis (one page constitutes 300 words).
  • Experts: the services on the website are provided by writers who have advanced degrees. Furthermore, the writers, which you find on the platform have been meticulously tested, with levels of English checked. The writers are proficient in formatting, grammar, and lexis. Moreover, all of them have extensive experience in writing theses and dissertations. Thus, you can be sure that your paper will be written with the highest quality. 

All of these advanced services are available to you after you sign up and place an order. After that, you should post the requirements such as a number of pages and the deadline. Then, you will see the price calculated. 

Advantages Provided by Website 

Students who use the ThesisGeek website benefit from various advantages regarding the writing services and the overall use of the platform:

  • 0% plagiarism: having 0% plagiarized work is extremely important in terms of dissertation and thesis writing because this paper decides your educational future. Therefore, the writers write 100% unique works, which are tailored to the specific requirements of the students who place orders. You receive the plagiarism report and can make sure that the paper is written from scratch just for you. On this website you can find information about how to make paper original.
  • Perfect formatting: the theses and dissertations written by the experts fit the formatting style you require. When you place an order at ThesisGeek you should state a formatting style and the writers will stick to it meticulously. All the in-text citations will be written in accordance with the specific formatting style you mentioned. Your sources will also be built and formatted perfectly and according to guidelines. You can find out more information about the formatting of the thesis here.
  • Control the process: while the writer is dedicated to your thesis you can control how the process is going. The writer accepts all the feedback you give to him as well as can correct the issues mentioned by your professor. However, you can also decide not to participate in the writing process and ensure everything to the writer. One way or another your work will be done perfectly according to the instructions and your specific requirements. 
  • Revision: after you receive the thesis, you can cooperate with the writer 10 days after it has been delivered. You can message the writer and ask them to make specific revisions and corrections, either required by you or by your professor. The best part is that all the revisions are done for free and are already included in the initial price you pay.

There are no more advantages one could desire the writing services to have. The platform offers everything necessary: the appropriate formatting, 0% plagiarism, and ensures the highest quality of the paper. Moreover, the testimonials of various users also prove that the website provides the best services and their papers score the highest number of points.

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