Pets are the ultimate companions for most of us. That is why they accompany us everywhere we go. While some people prefer leaving their pets with their friends, others love to travel with them. However, not all vacation rentals are pet-friendly rental home.

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Pet-Friendly Rental Home

Therefore, finding a pet-friendly place will require some research on pet owners’ end

Now, most vacation rental apartments in Columbia, SC, allow pets in their facility. However, their policy is always not clear. If you are looking for a pet-friendly rental home, here are 6 tips to help you. 

1. Use pet-friendly filters

The first step towards finding pet-friendly vacation rentals is applying the relevant filters in your searches. Don’t spend time learning the policies and etiquettes of a rental place that doesn’t allow pets. Instead, apply the pet-friendly filter and look for apartments and villas that offer facilities for pets or at the very least allow pets. Always reach out to the owners to confirm the details of the listing to avoid confusion. 

2. Choose pet-friendly destinations

The chances of finding pet-friendly accommodation are higher at destinations that are known to accommodate pets. Choose to go on activities that your pet can take part in without any problem. But above all, focus on destinations where you can indulge in activities your pet loves to do. For instance, a city with several beaches gives you and your pet an enjoyable beach walk during the evenings.

3. Check the reviews

Be it a hotel or vacation rental, checking the reviews is the most basic step of finding a suitable accommodation. This step becomes essential when you have pets accompanying you on your trip. Make sure to read guest reviews on listing sites and Google business listings, as most rental owners encourage guests to leave a review. Go the extra mile and go through vlogs and video reviews if you can find any on YouTube. 

4. Discuss with the owner

Most pet-friendly vacation rentals have pet deposits that are not included in the boarding fares. This rate is subject to change as per the owner’s discretion; the same goes with rental policies. Therefore, understanding all the rules, clauses, and charges before you pay the deposit or book the room is the smart thing to do. Hold discussions with the owner where you are honest about your pet, their needs and habits, as well as ask all the necessary questions about the pet policy. 

5. Opt for off-season traveling

Sometimes, you see a vacation rental, and you just want to spend your vacation days living in it even where there are no pet-friendly policies. If this resonated with you, here’s what you can do; try and negotiate with the owner about off-season stay. Some owners allow relaxations to their policy if their property is mostly empty during the off-season. As such, it is worth a try. 

6. Look at pet deposits

As mentioned earlier, vacation rentals often demand a sizable pet deposit to ensure financial cover in case of any property damage. Therefore, always inquire about the deposit and the rules to follow to get a refund. Alternatively, you can always get the confidence of the owner by getting a short-term insurance policy that protects them.


Pets can be the best travel companion as long as you have chosen a pet-friendly destination and accommodation. While most vacation rentals claim to be pet-friendly, it is always better to read the fine print of the policy to ensure you aren’t violating any visitor laws.

Above all, it is always better to look for a pet-friendly destination and time to travel.