The 1970s were a transformative decade, marked by cultural shifts, fashion statements, and a countercultural movement known as the hippie movement. One of the most fascinating aspects of this movement was its unique language and slang. 

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Hippie slang reflected the ideals of peace, love, and a deviation from mainstream society. In this blog post, we’ll take a groovy trip back in time to uncover and explore some of the most iconic and colorful slang terms from the 70s hippie subculture.

Getting To Know The Hippies

Before uncovering the popular 70’s sayings and slang of the hippies, let’s define who the hippies are.

The term “hippie” became synonymous with the countercultural movement of the 1970s. Hippies were individuals who embraced nonconformity, advocating for personal freedom, social equality, and environmental consciousness. 

The hippie subculture was characterized by its distinctive fashion, which included tie-dye clothing, bell-bottom pants, bohemian dresses, long hair, florals, and colorful accessories.

Hippies were often associated with intentional communities, where like-minded individuals lived together, sharing resources and responsibilities. The 1970s started caravans and “Coachella-themed” events. These alternative living arrangements fostered a sense of unity and offered an escape from the consumer-driven culture of the time.

Peace and Love 

“Peace” and “love” were more than just words for hippies; they were guiding principles. 

The term “love” encompassed not only romantic love but also love for humanity, nature, and all living beings while “peace” represented opposition to war and violence. 

Phrases like “Make love, not war” expressed their desire for harmony and nonviolence. These expressions transcended mere words and became mantras for a generation seeking a more peaceful and inclusive world.

Far Out, Groovy, and Cool

Another set of iconic hippie slang swirled around the appreciation for things they found extraordinary or pleasing. 

“Groovy” referred to anything that exuded a sense of coolness and was often associated with great music or fashion. 

“Far out” was a slang used to describe something incredible, unique, or mind-blowing. 

“Cool” was more of a generic or all-purpose term used to describe anything desirable or positive.These expressions reflected the hippie’s rejection of mainstream norms and preference for unconventional experiences.

Flower Power and Free Love 

The peace sign and flower were iconic emblems of the hippie movement.

The phrase “Flower Power” represented their belief in the power of peaceful protests and nonviolent resistance. 

In the 1970s, hippies often adorned themselves with flowers as a symbol of peace and love. Additionally, the concept of “free love” gained popularity among hippies, promoting the idea that love should be free from societal standards and constraints. 

“Free love” embodied the spirit of exploration, open-mindedness, and the stepping out of traditional relationships.

Addressing Friends and Acquaintances

“Dude” was commonly used to address friends or acquaintances and often accompanied by a warm “brother” or “man.” It reflected a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie among the hippie community. 

Another unique hippie term, “grok,” meant to empathize deeply or understand someone or something. It represented the hippie’s desire to see the world from diverse perspectives and their pursuit of genuine connections. 

Loving, Peaceful, and Inclusive World

The 1970s hippie slang captured the essence of a countercultural movement that sought to create a more loving, peaceful, and inclusive world. 

Through their language and slang, hippies embraced alternative ways of living and thinking and expressed their rejection of societal norms. The slang terms of the 1970s continue to evoke a sense of nostalgia and serve as a reminder of the powerful ideals that shaped a generation.

Whether it’s the appreciation of the extraordinary, the timeless call for peace and love, or the pursuit of genuine connections, the slang of the 70s hippie subculture reminds us of the persistent spirit of a movement that sought to transform society through peace, love, and jive.

, Peace, Love, and Jive: Uncovering Hippie Slang from the 70s, Days of a Domestic Dad