Owning a 4×4 and knowing how to use it are not always mutually exclusive.

, Off-Roading in America 101: 5 Things You Need to Know, Days of a Domestic Dad

Today’s trucks are awe-inspiring, at the least!

They get built to handle road and off-road conditions – and one of them is way more fun than the other. Off-roading is an adventure for those brave enough to answer its call, but it is not as simple as it sounds.

Below are five tips to handle the basics of off-roading in America:

  1. Traction Control

Most modern 4×4 vehicles will have traction control – your job is to understand what that means.

Depending on your vehicle, the traction control system could be a simple on/off switch – or a complex system with multiple settings to be input.

Traction control uses the brakes or the 4×4 mechanisms to keep the torque transferring from the tire into the terrain – or both. It will monitor wheel spin and brake accordingly to keep your vehicle moving forward.

Read up on the traction control of your vehicle in the owner’s manual.

  • Never Go Alone

Off-roading in a Bronco alone is not only unsafe, but it is also boring.

Several not-so-great things could happen while you are off-roading – most of which you will not have much control over.

Besides wild animals and dangerous weather conditions, your truck could experience mechanical or engine issues, leaving you stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Always be part of a group when off-roading.

  • Tires

The most common tire choice for most 4×4 drivers is the Mud-Terrain radial.

If you plan on adventuring on muddy trails, invest in a set. Get a good set of tires to match the most common terrain you plan on encountering.

Good-quality tires ensure good traction between your vehicle and the road or terrain beneath it. Talk to some experts about your suspension system while you are at it and invest in a 9.25 Chrysler axle for offroad.

The axle transfers the transmission’s rotational force to make the vehicle move.

  • Tool Kits

Off-roading is not typically a cheap hobby – but it does not have to set you back thousands of dollars every time you consider going on a new adventure.

If you want to keep your new hobby as affordable as possible, learn to fix the basics on your rig. For around $600, you can invest in a decent selection of tools to tackle basic maintenance jobs.

If you do not know how your truck operates, it is best to learn the basics as soon as possible.

  • Safety First

The number one rule of off-roading in America is – safety first.

Make safety a priority and you will significantly improve your experience. Plan and research your trip to understand the location, weather, and terrain you will be driving in.

Take an extra set of clothing, a medical kit, a blanket, and a fire extinguisher with you on each trip.

To End

When off-roading in places like Utah, the roads can be particularly challenging so always get out of your vehicle to inspect obstacles or drops ahead.

Follow these tips above, and you will be well on your way to conquering your first 4×4 off-roading experience in America.

, Off-Roading in America 101: 5 Things You Need to Know, Days of a Domestic Dad