Mountain bikes vs. BMX bikes can be a tricky debate when you’re searching for an advanced bike for your child. You’ll meet parents who prefer one type over the other and others who believe that there isn’t any difference between the two.

mountain bike vs. BMX bikes, Kids Mountain Bikes vs. BMX Bikes: Which One Should You Buy?, Days of a Domestic Dad

Mountain Bike vs. BMX Bikes: Which One’s Better?

At Vuly Play, we like parents to make an informed buying decision based on real facts and information. Our comprehensive guide outlines the primary differences between these two bikes with recommendations for purchase.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Despite their superficial similarities, there are specific differences in a mountain bike and BMX bikes’ framework and functionality. Let’s look at the basics before we delve deeper into the dissimilarities.

mountain bike vs. BMX bikes, Kids Mountain Bikes vs. BMX Bikes: Which One Should You Buy?, Days of a Domestic Dad

Mountain Bikes: Great for Exciting Rides on Tougher Terrains

If your child prefers long bike rides and explorative routes, then they will love mountain bikes. These bikes come with bigger wheels and a wider framework than regular kid’s bikes. The design also features multi-speed gears and firm suspension to gain control over steeper trails. All these specifications align with the needs of rougher and steeper routes. 

Moreover, the sturdy construction and adjustable controls ensure that the child doesn’t face any trouble while going downhill.

Perks of Purchase

●     Heavy-duty framework designed to withstand different settings

●     Adapts well on various terrains, making navigation easier for off-road trails with mountain tyres.

●     Includes multiple settings for better control

●     Stronger gears and cogwheels to simplify riding on uneven pathways

●     Firm suspension ensures that the bike stays steady

Overall, it’s an excellent investment for nature-loving kids who will enjoy long trail rides with friends and family. If we compare mountain bikes vs. BMX bikes, these bikes might require more maintenance. However, it’s worthwhile to purchase because of all the fun memories you’ll make.

BMX Bikes: Good for Short Distances & Tricks

If your child is more of a daredevil and enjoys performing bike stunts at the skatepark (like jumps and tricks), then BMX bikes are a better choice. These cycles are designed for young urban riders who stick to paved roads, dirt trails, and freestyle courses.

Construction-wise, the bike features a standard size with slight variations in shape to align with your child’s age. BMX bikes have a narrower framework with slick tires. Asides from this, their single-speed gear mechanism allows the rider to build up speed over a short distance. It’s convenient for performing jumps, lifts, and other tricks.

Perks of Purchase

●     Easier to handle

●     Cool and stylish design

●     Exciting speed build-up with an efficient single-speed gear system

●     Excellent for short distances and urban bike tracks

BMX bikes are the perfect pick for an active child who likes experimenting with riding techniques and styles. That said, the lack of suspension and variation in gear makes it an unsuitable choice for mountain trails and slopes.

mountain bike vs. BMX bikes, Kids Mountain Bikes vs. BMX Bikes: Which One Should You Buy?, Days of a Domestic Dad

The Key Differences Between Mountain Bikes vs. BMX Bikes

Here’s a closer look at the main similarities between both types of bikes:

#1. Gears

Mountain bikes feature a diverse selection of speed gears to regain momentum as the riders go up and down the hill or move from flat to steeper surfaces. Young riders can climb or go down the slope by switching gears. The bike also allows them to move the direction of the central and rear cogwheels. 

In comparison, BMX bikes only feature single-speed gear. The solo gear can make navigation across varying surfaces and inclined challenging.

#2. Tires

Mountain bikes are ridden along slippery wet grass, muddy trails, and loose gravel. Maintaining a grip in these uneven conditions would be impossible without its knobbly-looking, deeply-grooved tires. The tires are also slightly bigger than the BMX bikes.

On the other hand, the all-important design detail becomes unnecessary if your child prefers urban riding. That’s because dirt courses and flat freestyle courses don’t require a stronger grip. That’s why they have slick tires with smoother tread.

#3. Brakes

Many BMX bikes feature a gyro braking system that allows riders to twist and turn handlebars at 360-degree angles while performing stunts. The flexible braking mechanism prevents the brake cable from coming in the way when the rider does these tricks.

Alternative braking mechanisms include V-brakes that allow young riders to halt mid-stunt or respond to an imminent obstacle.

On the flip side, we have mountain bikes with a much more advanced braking system. It functions as a safety feature to ensure that the rider can stop the bike during sharp turns and slopes.

The Verdict: Making the Right Choice

In the end, it would be best if you make a decision based on your child’s riding style and the trails they most frequently take. Mountain bikes are ideal companions for long nature trails and rougher landscapes. They offer more speed variations and better grip with their unique framework.

However, your kid might enjoy a BMX bike more if they are more interested in dirt trails and freestyle riding courses.

So mountain bikes vs. BMX bikes, which one shall you get?