Times and societal norms are changing. The Modern Family Dad is more than just someone who brings home the bacon. Now, a dual-income household is becoming the predominant setup—that is, both the mom and dad earn money.

The Modern Family Dad is more than just someone who brings home the bacon. Beach vacation with the family - creating memories while traveling

Modern Dad: Balancing Family Life and Self-Care

And since men aren’t the sole providers of the family anymore, modern dads are becoming more involved in household affairs. From being just secondary parents whose sole role is to earn money for the family.

They are now becoming co-parents who have a more hands-on role in raising the children, which involves being there for them emotionally and doing things for them that were traditionally only done by women.

Self-care is NOT a Sign of Weakness

Seeing how much these modern dads are stepping up their games is a proud moment for society because it means we are progressing and breaking free from rigid, outdated gender roles in parenting. However, one often overlooked aspect is how we are still far away from shedding men’s long-standing misconception that practicing self-care is emasculating, “soft,” or a sign of weakness. Managing family affairs and raising children while working is tough, and men should recognize that it is okay to feel overwhelmed. Instead of “toughing it out,” they should know that it is okay to take breaks or ask for help from time to time; and that self-care is essential because you can’t properly care for and support your family if you aren’t taking good care of yourself in the first place.

How Can a Modern Family Dads Practice Self-care?

At the mention of the word “self-care,” most men conjure an image of a woman with a facial mask, soaking in a bubble bath with a glass of champagne and classical music playing in the background, and their first thought is “It’s just not manly!” which discourages them from practicing self-care. But self-care can mean different things to different people. As long as the activity energizes and destresses you, it is considered self-care. The following are various ways by which modern dads can practice self-care.

1. Relieve Fatigue and Muscle Aches Through CBD Patches

Work-Related Back Injury

Psychological stress can manifest itself as physical symptoms. When our nervous system is often on overdrive due to stress and anxiety, our muscles become tense and taut, leading to fatigue and muscle aches. One way to quickly eliminate these discomforts is to discover the benefits of CBD patches. These cannabinoid-enriched patches are applied topically, and the CBD is absorbed through the skin via transdermal absorption. Once absorbed by the skin, the CBD takes effect after a few minutes, easing muscle tension and fatigue while granting a deep sense of relaxation. It also has potent analgesic properties that can alleviate muscle pains and discomfort. CBD is also loved by many for its anti-anxiolytic and mood-elevating effects that will wash away your blues and worries. And because of its inherent relaxing and soothing properties, it can improve your sleep quality.

To use this, simply place one CBD patch on a sore muscle and wait for about 30 minutes for it to take effect. This relief can last up to 36 hours, thereby granting you a long, uninterrupted stress-free me-time.

2. Exercise

Front view father and daughter walking - he Modern Family Dad is more than just someone who brings home the bacon.

For most men, there is no better way to clear their minds than hitting the gym and sweating it out. Not only does exercising boost your energy levels, but it also increases your confidence in your body image and physical appearance. And when you are confident, you feel better about yourself. Not to mention, the body also releases a bunch of feel-good hormones, such as dopamine, when exercising.

To take your workout one step further, consider taking CBD supplements before and after your workout. CBD can help maximize your physical performance by reducing stress, improving oxygen delivery to your tissues and muscles, reducing inflammation and pain signaling, as well as promoting increased mobility. After your workout session, you can opt to drink refreshing coolers infused with CBD to help with muscle recovery after periods of strenuous activity.

​​3. Mindfulness and Meditation

Young male doing yoga

Mindfulness and meditation are something you can do anywhere, anytime, as long as you put your mind to it. Sure, it takes practice to achieve the amount of focus required to live a life of zen, but it is definitely worth it. Not only does it reduce stress and anxiety, but it also leads to better brain function, better quality of sleep, and an overall healthier, happier, and positive disposition in life.

To do this, all you have to do is to sit upright but comfortably, put your hands on your knees, and allow your chin to drop slightly. Take slow, steady breaths, and concentrate on the feeling of your breath filling your body and then leaving it. Once you’re focused enough, you can gain a new perspective on stressful situations, manage your stress, increase self-awareness, and focus on the present.

To help you focus better, you can add a few drops of CBD oil to your favorite essential oil and put it in a diffuser. The relaxing scent will surely make your meditation sessions even more serene.

4. Skin Care and Personal Hygiene

he Modern Family Dad is more than just someone who brings home the bacon.

For women, there is nothing more attractive than a clean, fresh-smelling man. Women spend so much time trying to make their skin look good, so it only makes sense that they would think that glowing skin is an indicator of a man’s overall vitality and health. Not to mention, oily, pimply skin is very telling of a man’s hygiene. But beyond taking care of one’s hygiene to impress your wife, this habit is a known self-image booster because if you know you look good, then you also feel good and confident about yourself.

How Does a Modern Day Family Dad Find Balance Between Family Life and Self-Care?

There are tons of CBD-infused skincare and hygiene products that can help you look and feel good. Remember, maintaining your personal hygiene is not an unmanly thing to do. In fact, it is a desirable trait.

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