Do you remember how it was looked down upon to have writing on your bag when you were in school? Our parents would yell at us for “destroying” a perfectly good backpack with scribbles and graffiti.

, Fun and Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Kid’s Backpack, Days of a Domestic Dad

But if you can purchase a bag already decorated with your favorite character or with random patterns, why is it terrible to decorate your backpack? The times have changed, and nowadays kids can even purchase kits that let them design their backpacks in any way they choose. If you want your kids to enjoy using their old backpacks, why not give them a leg up by showing them these fun and creative ways to spruce them up for the new school year?


In the 1960s and 1970s, pins were a common accessory for backpacks. These one-of-a-kind accessories that are often inspired by nature and dreams may be worn on clothing, but they also make great decorations for a child’s backpack. These traditionally come in various colors and designs, but nowadays you can also get custom all metal pins with whatever design you choose. Kids may also remember their travels and adventures by collecting patches and pins at tourist attractions and scouting activities. Try bringing up the notion of putting it on the backpack and seeing what their reaction is.

Iron Patches

Changing the look of a backpack using iron-on patches or fabric stickers is quick, simple, and inexpensive. You’ll need patches, a backpack made of fabric, some parchment paper, and an iron, to complete this project. To begin, place your bag on a flat, stable surface like an ironing board or table. Afterward, you should turn on the iron. You may then remove the adhesive backing from your iron patches and attach them to the desired surface. The patch is then covered with parchment before being ironed. The last step is to iron the patch to secure it. How long it takes for the iron patch to adhere to the backpack depends on the heat setting and the material.


Paint is the best option for anybody searching for a quick and simple method to transform a boring backpack into an abstract or graphic work of art. Paint (acrylic or fabric), primer, colored pencils, paint brushes, water, and a pattern are all you need to get started. You will prepare the surface with primer after sketching out your desired design using a colored pencil. This will ensure that your paint sticks well and provides a smooth finish after everything has dried. From that point on, it’s a matter of painting by numbers. Just paint with the color you need and wait for it to dry. This approach allows you the greatest freedom, particularly if you’re a creative person who enjoys painting over old designs. If you’re going to be spray painting, cover the floor and any nearby furniture with a drop cloth.


It’s fantastic to give kids creative freedom by starting with a blank canvas, like a backpack in a single color with no drawings or writing on it. Yet, sometimes youngsters need a little push to get going. A nice head start may be a backpack with their initials stitched on it or a symbol or emoji of their favorite sport or hobby. Maybe the customization is all they need, or perhaps the thread color or emoji theme will encourage them to create further artwork. Another benefit is that kids will have no trouble spotting their bag in a sea of others at school or after-school events if it is monogrammed.

Tiny Toys

Little stuffed animals that may be attached to a backpack strap or a zipper are a popular choice for younger children. You may have seen little children wearing strings of tiny plush animals. You can probably find these at any toy shop. But if not, you may easily get “clip-on backpack toys” online. You should expect to see a wide selection, perhaps including toys with lights, sounds, and other gimmicks. Clip-on hand sanitizers are another handy option.

Drawings on Drawstring Bags

For lighter loads during summer camps and swim lessons, drawstring bags might be a more convenient alternative to standard backpacks. That’s because they won’t put too much of a burden on your children, thanks to how light they are. They may also quickly dry after being exposed to water, such as from wet swimwear or spilled water bottles. You may find a wide selection of drawstring bags on the market; young children, in particular, will enjoy spending time coloring them.

If you’re trying to save money in this inflationary time, maybe the last thing on your list to replace is your backpack, especially if it’s still in good shape. But, you can free your kid from their outdated backpack. Creating a new, one-of-a-kind backpack is easier than you think, and you or your kid under supervision can do it with these few easy ideas, some patience, and maybe a trip to Michaels.

, Fun and Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Kid’s Backpack, Days of a Domestic Dad