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Male Fertility, The Challenges of Male Fertility – FertiSTRONG Wants to Help, Days of a Domestic Dad

Challenges of Male Fertility

Men seem much less able to open up about this subject.

We see it all over TV, especially with reality shows, the difficulties related to female infertility. That is only one side of the picture. The truth is that this very private subject matter also includes male infertility. Women seem to be more open than men to share information and experiences with infertility and how they have managed to cope with it. Men seem much less able to open up about this subject. 

My wife and I have been very fortunate to have been able to have children without needing to seek help from a male fertility specialist, but we do have friends who have struggled with conception and have found fertility services helpful. But, I am not bold enough to delve into any of the details with my buddies. Guys just don’t seem to want to talk about these things.

The Truth About Infertility

I downloaded the FertiSTRONG app and did a little research on the subject of male fertility. This is a new app specifically designed for men dealing with infertility issues – either their own or that of their partner — and I will speak more about the app later in this post.

Here is what I have learned: In approximately 40 percent of couples struggling to create a family, the male partner is a contributing factor. However, it doesn’t withmatter whether it is the female partner, the male partner, or both. The bottom line is that infertility issues are a couple’s problem that often omits the male side of the equation from the conversation.

Male Fertility, The Challenges of Male Fertility – FertiSTRONG Wants to Help, Days of a Domestic Dad

FertiSTRONG Wants to Help

In a survey of over 100 men, conducted by Ferring and RESOLVE, results revealed that the majority of males currently dealing with infertility issues reported that they do not feel comfortable talking about the process, nor do they feel their emotions are being supported. More than half of those surveyed agreed that infertility issues have put a strain on their relationship with their partner. 

Empowering Men to Speak Up

Ferring Pharmaceuticals has teamed up with Drs. Alice D. Domar and Elizabeth Grill, as well as content writers Dr. William Petok and Dr. Janet Takefman, to launch the FertiSTRONG app. This is the first male fertility mobile app that provides men with techniques to empower themselves with knowledge and skills along with their and their partner’s infertility journey.

Let your hopes, not hurts, shape your future.

Robert H. Schuller

The goal of the app is to help men who are dealing with fertility challenges themselves or who are supporting a partner that is struggling with fertility issues. FertiSTRONG provides more than 500 custom coping options for over 50 specific situations which have the potential to cause distress for men throughout the journey of planning a family. It is a resource, yet it is not a substitute for assistance from a medical professional. It can help make it easier for men to feel more comfortable about speaking with their doctor. 

The intention for designing the app is to empower men to speak up about infertility by giving them the tools and resources to become more knowledgeable about the subject. Men will be better equipped to open up to their partner and doctor, communicate better about the subject, and track the progress throughout the journey. It also encourages men to share their experiences with other men going through the process. 

If you or someone you know is going through the process of navigating infertility, you might want to check out the FertiStrong app, which you can learn more about here or download to your smartphone just by going to your favorite app store online.