A little time has passed since I last sat down and tapped away at the keys on my laptop. I was released from my job in December and committed to being a stay at home dad. Things have been quite different since becoming a house husband.

stay at home dad

Photo from Kristina Alexanderson

I figured I could reflect a little and share a few life changing events that have affected me over the past 6 months.

Stay at Home Dad

I am a firm believer in pouring into my children with as much time or knowledge I may have to give them. Over the past few months, I have been able to do more with my kids than ever before.

That first week off everything kind of fell right into place. First, there was an immediate need to take my only son to enroll for his college classes.

Then later that week, I had to take three out of the four girls to doctor appointments. Not to mention the school holiday parties and picking up them up early from school just to hang out in the afternoon.

What is a Stay at Home Dad Hard?

Mostly, my staying at home has been a key piece in helping with Monkey, our toddler. Since she was having therapy four times a week for both  her speech and sensory issues, our schedule was a bit challenging.

I have to admit that she can be a hand full if you do not keep a tight rein on her. Don’t get me wrong though… she is not a problem. I have no complaints… she just has her moments (as most kids do) and needs to be dealt with gently.

Fortunately, I was able to attend a blog conference for men in February that allowed me to connect with new people. I was also able to learn more about what it takes to be a successful blogger. This is something I would never have had the opportunity to do if I was still working a regular 8 to 5 job outside the home.

What are the Stay at Home Dad Statistics

I don’t know what the stay at home dad statistics are… But I can tell you how is working for me.

Not to mention, my stress level has changed for the better. I am not sure if it was corporate america causing the stress or that I have a chance to manage things my way now. My work schedule is pretty flexible and no longer consumes my whole day. Plus, you simply can’t beat my commute. It is pretty short with no traffic. Bonus!

stay at home dad

Photo from Kristina Alexanderson

5 Stereotypical House Husband Theories

  • Home watching Sports all day – The only sports I watch are on Sunday: NFL football and NASCAR
  • Would rather be in the office – I am done with the office crowd
  • Men don’t stay at home with the children – Yes we do
  • Can’t catch kids as well as women – I can take care of my children just as good as my wife.
  • He must not have any motivation – I have all the motivation in the world… it’s just focused on the home and not the corporate world

What is a House Husband? Leave me a comment below?

I am completely thankful for the position I was handed. Being a Stay at Home Dad offers me the opportunity. I spend quality time and memorable moments with the ones closes to me.

I truly believe that all of the time I invest in my children now will pay off in the long run.

*The list of theories was based on a press release from