Few industries have thrived and developed in recent years as much as mobile gaming. The simplicity of retro mobile classics has been eclipsed by the gameplay and graphics of modern mobile games.

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Mobile Game Stratagies

Modern mobile gaming has also far surpassed its inception as a casual pastime, with competitive tournaments commonplace. Such events have become a staple of esports, attracting viewership in the millions, with prizes also reaching seven figures.

Despite the appeal of fancy graphics and complex gameplay, many still prefer the comfort of simpler and more casual games. The popularity of online casinos has surged, with an increasing amount of people turning to their smartphone to play pokies.

Newer players may wrongly get the impression that there is nothing more to slots than idly pushing buttons and luck. In reality, there are key tactics that can increase both the frequency and quantity of winnings.

Here are some key strategies to get the most out of playing on slot machines.


Central to all slot games, or pokies, are the paylines. These describe the different patterns of symbols necessary to win.

These can be vertical, diagonal, zig-zag or take various other shapes. Pokies can generally be classified as having either fixed or adjustable paylines.

If fixed, the player bets on all possible paylines by default. Adjustable allows the player to select the number of paylines their wager covers, which can increase the stake.

Avoid playing a pokie with numerous paylines if your wager doesn’t cover them all as this will limit potential winnings. In some instances, the jackpot is only won if all paylines show the necessary symbols.

Welcome Bonuses and Jackpots

Pokies are a perpetual fan favourite largely due to the generous welcome packages many sites offer. Many pokies sites offer free spins with no deposit bonuses on their pokies games. Newer players can access deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, free pokies spins and more, all of which are integral to garnering an advantage.

Playing pokies efficiently also means being aware of an individual game’s jackpot. It’s always better to play slots that offer a jackpot as these can reach life changing totals. 

The largest winnings are always seen on progressive jackpots. These accumulate a portion of players’ stakes, sometimes reaching totals of more than $1 million.

However, larger jackpots usually require a higher stake and staying in budget should always be prioritised.

Wager Amounts

One of the first choices every player has to make when playing a pokie is the wager amount. Don’t be drawn in by the prospect of winning large sums quickly and instead opt for the long game.

Rather than being dependent on the value of the coins, many multipliers are instead triggered by the quantity. Therefore, wagering smaller amounts more frequently is more efficient than large stakes that quickly deplete a player’s bankroll.

Multiplier building is essential as many jackpots can only be won once a certain multiplier threshold has been reached. However, this doesn’t always mean wagering the smallest amount possible as sometimes the jackpot requires a minimum stake.

Return to Player

Every online slot should include information on its return to player (RTP) percentage. This denotes the average amount paid out on $100 worth of wagers.

An RTP of 90% means that, on average, $90 is paid out per $100 wagered. This is an average figure and in each individual session a player could earn more or less than the RTP.

Traditional three real pokies generally have a higher return to player than the newer five or more reeled alternatives. The consensus is that 95% should be the benchmark with anything above being particularly lucrative.

A similar concept is a volatility rating of low or high assigned to many pokies. Low volatility games pay out smaller sums more frequently whilst high volatility are the opposite.

Whilst the RTP is stated by the slots provider themselves, determining a slot’s volatility rating will require further research.

Try Free Versions

Some pokie sites offer free version of some of their slots, allowing customers to play without staking real money. These allow newer players to familiarise themselves with the different symbols, the various paylines and their corresponding winnings.

Pokies will also occasionally include a bonus round which can be a minigame with slightly differing gameplay and rules. Free versions are ideal for learning these rules and avoiding confusion when real money is on the line.

Finally, it also allows the player to get a feel for the frequency with which the slot pays out.

Play to Suit Yourself 

Although there are strategies that may slightly increase a player’s odds, ultimately different players will derive fun in different ways. Preferred volatility, wager amounts and RTP are all unique to individuals and vary drastically depending on the player.

A faultless and universally applicable strategy that guarantees winning simply doesn’t exist.

Be in Control

The most important strategy is to always be in control and ensure playing never becomes more than casual fun.

Playing slots is volatile and good hours with plenty of winnings can quickly become dry spells with none. Only wager a safe amount that you can afford to lose.

Although losing is frustrating, chasing losses is never a solution and is detrimental more often than not. It’s always better to quit whilst you’re ahead than slowly watch your winnings slip away.

Despite its simplicity and lack of apparent skill, there are a surprising number of strategies to consider when playing pokies. Being mindful of the wager amount, the game’s jackpot and inherent volatility are essential and could make all the difference.