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Camping in a tent for the first time can be a fun activity for everyone involved, but unless you take the time to prepare, it can also be a hectic nightmare that comes out of nowhere. 

However, things do not have to take a nightmare turn, even for first time campers.

Set Your Tent Up in the Backyard Don't make the mistake of leaving it in the box until you’re at your campsite. Instead, take the time to set it up in your backyard or a local park.

Waterproof Your Tent Your tent may claim it is waterproof, but do yourself a favor and buy waterproofing spray anyhow. While you have your tent set up the first time, go ahead and give it a good coat.

Replace the Stakes Before You Go Every new tent comes with tent stakes but often these stakes are made cheaply. Instead, buy a pair of tent stakes that are of better quality.



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Buy Bigger Than You Need

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