There is a frequent question that is usually asked by players, especially the new players. The question is: how much should I bring to play casino slots and video slot game?

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Firstly, the key point you should always cast your mind to, is that you should always play slot sites with the money you can afford to lose. This is because there are times you run out of money while playing and you won’t be satisfied with the games you played. This can lure you to touch the extra money you are not supposed to use.

Making decisions on the money to bring to the casino site depends solely on your goals, the slot game’s RTP, the volatility as well as the cost of the game per hour. Factors that determine the amount to bring to casino slots include the following:

1.    Calculate the average cost of bets per hour

One of the important factors to consider when you think about the slot you plan to play is the estimated calculation of the amount you are expected to lose on the game per hour. Also, calculate the amount you will have left after playing for a long period.

A thorough slots review can help provide this crucial information and guide you in making a wise decision.

All that is required of you is to estimate the average hourly loss rate of the game per hour. You multiply the amount you bet by the number of the bet you stake per hour. That provides the amount you should bring to play at casino slots.

Knowing the average cost of bets per hour is an important factor when deciding which online betting sites to use. offers valuable information that can help you calculate this average cost of bets securely and accurately. This website can provide a comprehensive comparison between two of the leading online sportsbooks, Bovada and DraftKings. It also displays relative fees based on bet costs, providing information on all types of wagers including props, real money gambling, and more. Knowing this information can aid in budgeting for your gaming lifestyle and enable informed decision making when it comes to choosing your preferred online casino platforms.

2.    The time you want to spend at a casino

The time you want to spend at the casino also determines the amount you will use. For instance, if you intend to use 3days at the casino site to play baccarat for 2hours (in the morning) and 2hours (at night) that makes 12hours for 3days with an average loss of £18.55 per hour or £222.60

As long as you have determined the amount you intend to spend, you won’t be enticed to go beyond that amount.

3.    Players goals

The major aim of a player visiting a casino site is to double his initial money. Having the desired aim will help you find the right slot and amount you will use to play. If you want a large cash-out, you should bring a higher amount but for a casual game, you can bring 10% or 25% of your money.

4.    Slot volatility and return to player (RTP)

Players need to know about the game’s volatility and the RTP rate. Volatility shows the risk that is involved in the game. If the volatility is low, a player tends to play plenty of games, and the cash out will be low. But if the volatility is high, there will be a high payout.

Another factor to focus on is the slot RTP that is the edge of the player against the house. It is the computation of the total amount that will return to a player in a game. In other words, it is the percentage that goes to a player after the game.


Conclusively, always remember that any money you cannot afford to lose should not be taken to a slot site. And avoid borrowing money for gambling. Set aside the amount you want to use at the casino site.