Essay writing is among the compulsory kinds of academic obligations. They help to develop various skills in learners and enlarge their experiences. One such type is a comparative essay. What is a comparative essay?

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This type reveals the main qualities of at 2 objects by comparing their similarities and differences.

When you write it, you learn how to find out the main qualities of any object by checking what is similar and different about them. This skill is crucial for every person. For example, it can be applied when you want to boost your financial situation in college and are looking for a good job. You need to define how much you can earn, what your responsibilities will be, how complicated a definite job is, how much time it takes, and so on. If you master this type, you will be successful in various life situations. Do you need to find out how to handle it properly? Continue to read our informative guide.

What Methods Can a Researcher Apply?

When you write this essay type, you can apply 2 major methods. Firstly, you can use a point-by-point method. What is its purpose? You just take 2 objects and write down all their similarities and differences. You can create comparison tables, lists, diagrams, and something of that kind. This is a standard and pretty easy method that is used when writing a comparative essay.

Secondly, you can use a block method. How to do it? You take the first object of comparison and compare it to all other items. Afterward, you repeat this procedure with the second object. It helps to define how they contrast with one another when you use other items.

What Topic to Select?

A comparative type is unique in its own way. You always need to select a topic that involves at least 2 objects. They may be pretty similar to one another, as well as very different. Both kinds can suit you if those objects can reveal the studied question. Be sure your topic is interesting to your potential readers as well!

Take Notes When You Research

The whole comparative essay structure will use a lot of details about the studied objects. There will be points A, B, C, D, and so on. Your research is supposed to find all the peculiarities. As there will be heaps of data, you’d better take instant notes or bookmark the sites with the most interesting facts. Refine them later to select which ones should be used in your text.

How to Write It?

Now, we have come to the writing part. It’s better to begin by writing a comparative essay thesis. This is the central idea of your creation. It clarifies the significance and purpose of your research. If you write a strong thesis statement, it will become the foundation of your text. All the other concepts will rely on it and will tell you whether you are moving in the right direction.

How to write a comparative essay introduction? Just like any other introduction, this one is expected to drag the attention of readers at once. Thus, you need to implement an attention grabber, which can be a short anecdote, rhetorical question, or even a shocking statement. It should end with a strong thesis statement that finally kindles the unstoppable desire in readers to read your essay to the end.

The main body continues the thought of your thesis statement. Add at least one sub-thesis in every body paragraph. When you compare the objects, mention the differences or similarities after a definite system. For example, these can be:

  • Age;
  • Structure;
  • Materials;
  • Historical value, etc.

The comparative essay conclusion summarizes the whole paper. Mention the most significant points again and explain their meaning to your readers. Don’t forget to reread your paper at least twice to be sure you have found all drawbacks and mistakes.

Summing Up

If you have problems with a comparative essay introduction, as well as any other section of this unique piece of writing, just reread our guide. It contains universal tips that suit whatever topic you cover, regardless of its academic subject. These tips will help you to be more precise and avoid errors. Of course, you can likewise use a reliable essay writing service if you run out of time. One of its gifted writers will quickly complete this essay instead of you.

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