If you have never tried wearing contact lenses before, it can be intimidating to think about placing a foreign object into your eyes. But wearing contact lenses for the first time can be a good experience.

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With advances in modern technology and medicine, contact lenses available nowadays can benefit you if you have vision problems. 

One of the good things about contacts is that they allow you to get rid of your bulky eyeglasses, offering you ease and versatility. Regardless of whether you live somewhere sunny and bright, you are an athlete, or you just want to switch from your eyeglasses, it’s worthwhile to consider contact lenses. This article is the ultimate guide to purchasing contact lenses. 

Choosing the right contact lenses

Before you decide to use contact lenses, it’s crucial to know how you can choose the right contacts for your eyes. You can do this by going through a contact lens exam. Take note that during this contact lens exam, your eye doctor can perform several tests like measuring your eyes, assessing your eyes, and looking at whether or not your eyes can produce tears. 

The information gathered from these eye tests and the eye examination can help your eye doctor to determine the right contact lenses for your eyes. For some people, daily contact lenses can be a good option while others may need monthly contact lenses. It’s crucial to have the first consultation, so it’s something you should not miss. You can visit www.contactlenses.co.uk to check the various types of contact lenses that are suitable for your eyes.

It’s worth mentioning that contacts are quite safe, but they need proper care so that you can make sure that your eyes are safe. You need to follow the care instructions offered by your eye doctor and always clean your case and contact lenses properly. Besides, all contact lenses tend to have specific replacement schedules that you need to follow to ensure that you avoid a build-up of deposits in the lens and other harmful materials. Also, you should not over-wear your contact lenses because this can cause serious damage and problems.

Contact lenses cannot harm your eyes, but you need to keep them clean and wear them properly. If you fail to properly clean your contacts or don’t follow the care instructions, they can hurt your eyes. Remember that even a contact lens that gets stuck in the eye cannot be harmful. There is a misconception about contact lenses that can get lost in your eye. The truth is that this is impossible. This is because there is a barrier that can prevent anything, such as a contact lens from getting behind your eye. 

There are many comfortable contact lenses you can find on the market, though this usually depends on the person. Each person has different needs and is unique and has different eye structure. Some people prefer soft contact lenses that they can wear daily. This type of contact lens is called daily contact lenses. They are quite comfortable while other people like specific contacts and brands that offer more oxygen to their eyes.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to try out various options before you choose your contact lenses. This is because you may realize that comfort level can change as the eyes adjust. 

Some people claim that wearing contact lenses makes their eyes feel dry. There is a chance that you may also have to deal with this, but this doesn’t mean that contact lenses are not for you. You can find many brands on the market that have contact lenses specifically designed for people with dry eyes. Therefore, if your eyes turn red or feel irritated when you wear contact lenses, then you should switch to another type of contacts. 

There are some new technologies that have assisted manufacturers of contact lenses to reduce lens-induced dry eye symptoms. Dry eye issues tend to be the major reason why most people stop wearing contact lenses. In such cases, it’s a good idea to talk to an optometrist.   

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Wearing contact lenses

The length of time you need to wear contact lenses can depend on various factors, such as the type of contact lenses you are wearing. You can find some contact lenses that you have to wear just once while you can wear others for weeks or even months, but you need to clean and care for them properly.

Therefore, before you decide to choose contact lenses, you should discuss the available options with your optometrist. And, if you easily forget and cannot remember to remove the contacts and throw them away each day, your best option is the daily contact lens.

Sleeping in your contact lenses is not recommended unless you have the contacts that are designed to be slept in. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly sleep in their contact lenses when they are not supposed to. This can reduce the lifespan of the contact lenses and can also cause damage to your eyes.

But if you desire to have contact lenses that you can sleep in, then make sure that you discuss with your eye doctor or any reputable contact lens supplier. You need to give your optometrists more information so that they can fit you with the right contacts that can help your vision. 

In conclusion, contacts allow you to see things clearly without experiencing the complications of eyeglasses. Contact also involves some maintenance and proper care so that you can get the best effects.

But it may require some work to maintain your contacts. Therefore, you can choose daily contact lenses that you can remove and throw away after using them each day, which are called daily disposable contacts. 

You should also remember that contacts have an expiration date. Therefore, using your contact lenses outside their expiration date may cause eye irritation, dry eyes, and eye infections.

Hence, you need to wear contact lenses within their proper replacement schedule. This can help to keep your eyes healthy and you can reduce the chance of experiencing eye problems.

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