Even though most learners choose majors they like, it is good to enroll in one that gives you job opportunities. When picking a major, you should consider the demand and the benefits of the course you will need to take. Therefore, you should select the following majors to guide your career paths.

What are the Top 10 Best Majors in 2022?

Are you in trouble finding the best major? Here is a list to pick the best that will serve you right.

1.     Engineering

Principles of physics and mathematics are applied in this field to design buildings, vehicles, electronics, and other structures. Professionals have excellent skills in solving problems and thinking critically. Additionally, good study skills enable them to prosper in academics as civil engineers, using their skills to design roads and buildings to perfection. These skills help one succeed in academics.

Furthermore, you can practice the following key study skills to become a successful engineer.

Key Study Skills

The following will help you if you want to prosper academically.

  • Time management
  • Having learning tools
  • Taking notes
  • Joining study groups

2. Business

The business creates a chance for students to try their hands in macroeconomics, risk management, and business communication courses. Students can advance their courses through entrepreneurship, finance accounting, and management concentrations. You can later land a good job as a graduate.

3. Nursing

You can become a nurse who provides medical care in this health care field. Courses like microbiology, human anatomy, and pathophysiology can prepare you for a better career. Students can as well gain clinical experience upon completing the fieldwork.

4. Education

Most learners might train teaching on subjects like English, become fluent, and get jobs like being part of the essay writers for hire, doing essay assignments for students, and earning good money. You can as well be a freelancer, writing website content for people.

5. Architecture

Architects cover areas like designing public buildings, residences, and other structures. Courses covered in this field are architectural theory, materials design, and structures and computations. Additionally, architectures select concentrations like urban works, furniture designs, or sustainability.

6. Information Technology

In this field, courses are covered in areas of data analytics, in which professionals gather useful information from raw data. They can also concentrate on cybersecurity, IT management, and budgets with systems management and technical communication careers.

7. Computer Science

There is a lot of demand for professionals in the computer science field throughout the year. Research has shown that software developers’ jobs will grow by 22% between 2022 and 2030. Therefore, this major has been a rapid discipline where most students can focus on cybersecurity, developing software and information system management, and expanding their courses in cryptography and mining data.

8. Construction Management.

Construction managers with relevant leadership and organizational skills oversee budgets, supervise, and plan projects. Courses like cost estimating and bidding, construction accounting and finance, and construction materials and methods are covered.

9. Pharmaceutical Sciences

Courses like biochemistry, human anatomy, and organic chemistry are offered in this field. You can get jobs like a pharmacist who administers appropriate medication. Additionally, attaining a degree can earn you careers like veterinary pharmacy, pharmaceutical research, and drug development.

10. Hospitality

Leadership and problem-solving skills can earn you a hospitality manager position who operates hotels and creates event spaces and dining facilities. Available courses in this major are revenue management, risk management, and hospitality and tourism.

The Bottom Line

Besides being passionate, it is good to consider a major that prepares you for a rewarding career. With the majors mentioned above, be sure of having a better future. The job responsibilities may change, but the careers in the above majors won’t disappear. Choose the right one that suits you best!

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