Vacationing with a baby is different and, in most cases, tends to be challenging as opposed to traveling alone. And being the baby’s first vacation, it may be hard to prepare and pack before the vacation trip.

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Prepare For Baby’s First Vacation Trip

Most people can attest that traveling with kids can be overwhelming if you aren’t well prepared. In addition, traveling with kids means balancing carrying all the baggage and keeping the baby soothed, safe, and entertained enough to enjoy the vacation.

So, you should be ready, whether it’s your first time taking a vacation or taking one with a baby after a long time. But to guide you through, this article discusses how to prepare for a baby’s first vacation trip without missing out on anything.

Buy Travel-Friendly Items

Although you may have mastered the art of packing for a vacation, a baby changes everything, and you may need to rethink everything that goes into your luggage. Thankfully, the market has everything you need: new baby gear, tech gadgets, travel bags, etc.

Some essentials to take on your vacation include baby bags to ensure you stay organized throughout the trip. First, place all the items you may not need during the journey into one suitcase to minimize the carry-on luggage.

Next, settle for something efficient for your baby’s essentials, such as nappy backpacks that’ll be a perfect fit. This backpack should hold a reasonable amount of quality diapers, wipes, and at least two complete outfit changes and baby food or snacks depending on their age.  

In addition, you may need to invest in baby travel gear for sleeping that ensures that the baby will be well-rested and thus less fussy. If you are traveling by road, you may need a baby travel car seat, a baby carrier, a lightweight travel stroller, and a portable travel high chair.

Pack The Baby’s Essentials And Extras

Although you should always pack your baby’s essentials in your carry-on, it’s vital to pack additional essentials for a smooth vacation for the kids. But before packing up their needs, start by putting all documents together, especially their passport. 

When packing, remember to get things to warm your baby, especially if you are going to colder places. These items may include layers of clothing, blankets, and comfort toys to keep the baby cozy. In addition, you can pack a pacifier, breast pump if you are lactating, formula, and snacks to keep the baby well-fed throughout.

Additional items include baby wipes, sanitizing, bottles, extra bibs, Ziploc bags, baby medication, a basic first aid kit, and small toys. To keep the baby entertained throughout the journey, consider carrying different gadgets with games, music, and movies they enjoy. 

And depending on where you are vacationing, remember to carry items that are specifically needed. For instance, if your vacation is in the mountains, consider packing items specific to hiking and staying dry in wet conditions.

Consider Your Accommodations

Not every accommodation is child friendly, and you may need to have a backup for items that won’t be available. For instance, if you are going on a vacation in a hotel with an additional crib, you may not need to carry a portable one, thus lighting your luggage.

You need to call your accommodation beforehand and find out if they can provide additional baby items, laundry services, or even an extra fridge to store baby food such as food. In most cases, a home rental or Air BnB may accommodate the baby’s needs, especially when you talk with hosts beforehand.

Most air BnBs offer great features, including filters where you can choose houses based on your wants for the location you are traveling to. The most vital part is to access the washer and dryer as you may need them due to accidents and help pack less.  

Purchase Or Preorder Diapers, Formula, and Essentials

If your vacation is longer, it doesn’t make sense to pack too many diapers and formulas on top of other essential items. If your baby uses a specific type of formula, diapers, or other essentials, confirm that you can get them during your stay easily.

If your vacation destination doesn’t have these items, you should preorder them or purchase them in advance to avoid any inconveniences. If you may not be able to get these items shipped to your destination, consider checking the ingredients and comparing them with other brands. 

Bottom Line

When preparing for a baby’s first vacation, it’s vital to pack every essential to keep your baby safe, soothed, and happy. Always keep in mind the security regulations when taking a plane, as every airline has its restrictions.

Ensure that you have a backup plan if the security regulations don’t favor your baby’s needs. Always call ahead for every plan you make to ensure that it’s well suited for you and your baby.

, How To Prepare For Baby’s First Vacation Trip, Days of a Domestic Dad