The New Year is often the perfect time to start planning your summer vacation. However, if you’re on a budget, it can be challenging to get the right options for the whole family.

, 5 Easy Ways to Plan the Perfect Family Vacation on a Budget, Days of a Domestic Dad
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Because you have to think about a host of things to keep the kids occupied, days out and summer activities can start to build up.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make the process straightforward and enjoyable.

Check them out below:

Timing is Key

Booking a vacation last minute is often impossible if you have children to think about. Plus, these deals get snapped up quickly during the summer break.

If you can, book vacations way in advance to get a cheap deal. You may even want to start thinking about booking next year’s vacation to save yourself the cash.

If you have smaller children who are not in school yet, then try to optimize the off-peak periods for your vacation time. That way, you’ll get better offers and save cash on popular destinations.

, 5 Easy Ways to Plan the Perfect Family Vacation on a Budget, Days of a Domestic Dad
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Opt for Less Touristy Spots

It can be easy to follow the crowds and head to the most popular locations, especially if the kids are bending your ear to go. However, staying away from these spots for most of your vacation can open up a host of experiences.

Staying outside resorts and a little further away can also save you money. That way, you’ll also be able to explore other places rather than worry about having enough money to fund a two-week full-on resort vacation.

Make the Journey Part of the Experience

We all know that sitting in the car for ages or spending hours on flights with children can be challenging. However, another way to combat the boredom from traveling is making the journey part of the whole experience.

This is the perfect option for road trips, as you can stop off at places on route before getting to your destination. It also gives you the opportunity to see more than one place on your vacation.

Ask Around for Advice and Compare Prices

Don’t just go for the cheapest spot if you really want to get good value for money. The saying ‘cheap for a reason’ often rings true, so checking out reviews and asking for travel advice is a great way to avoid the pitfalls.

There are hundreds of reviews online, and other travel bloggers or forums may have experienced similar holidays and can give a realistic view of the destination. Checking out prices from a few different providers is also handy.

Everything from car hire, days out, and attraction tickets can all be found on sites like to get the best deals.

Be Prepared to Compromise

The joys of family life mean that compromises may have to be made. Not everyone will get what they want from a vacation, but you can get as close as possible in most cases. Drawing up a list of preferences and compiling them all could help the planning process too.